Erin Shaw

I believe that life is all about balance; I stress the importance of human movement and integrating physical activity into everyday life, but also the importance of a healthy mindset. My title may be “personal trainer” but my role is so much more than making you sweat. I strive to act as an educator, a motivator and a friend to each one of my clients. My own success is measured by the impact I have on others’ lives; therefore I know I have done a job well done if I can impact my client in more ways than just physical health.

My clients’ sessions are tailored to meet their physical needs, and goals. I stress the importance of proper form and technique; therefore I may add some corrective exercise into your program if we need to work out some muscle imbalances. Expect to feel challenged during your workout, because I know that you can do it.

Sometimes the most effective way to help someone succeed is to show that you believe in them. Gratification fills my heart when I see the smile on someone’s face after they just completed something they thought they could not do.

Start your journey today, come flourish with me.