Erika Barootes

I wasn’t born in Edmonton but I definitely call it home. I love this city because of the amazing people I meet, the amazing things we do here as a community, and our amazing river valley where I spend a lot of my time exploring the trails. Life is about constantly pushing ourselves to be better – that same rule applies to our fitness. As a runner and spin aficionado, I know how important it is to strengthen my muscles and to compliment my training programs – that is why I started as a client with Blitz two years ago. Since then, I became a HIIT instructor, joined the ownership team, and launched our incredible Spin Studio.

If you were wondering what it is like to take one of my classes – I would summarize it by saying it will be a love-hate relationship. I will take you outside of your comfort zone and always encourage you to bring 110%. You may not want to hang out with me after class but you will definitely be back for more.