Emilie (Emmett) Lamache

My journey to a career in fitness is far from conventional. After my graduation from High School, I attended the University of Alberta in Ancient and Medieval History for two years, I then moved on from that path to NAIT where I took Graphic Design. Upon graduating from NAIT, I started my own Graphic design company named Pandora’s Box design. Finally, after a few years of running my own business, I felt like there was something missing, and turned towards the NAIT website to browse the programs. The Personal Fitness Training program caught my attention, and I applied that very night in a spur of the moment. That decision changed my life as I discovered a passion for fitness and the industry around it. I worked hard at school to learn as much as I could, and eventually came to see that the industry was very lacking when it came to LGBTQ+ specialised training and program design. Being gender-queer myself, I struggled to find a place for me, and others like me who got lost amongst the ‘male’ and ‘female’ categories without truly finding a place. That is when my I truly found my path for my fitness career; research training methods for transgender and gender non-conforming folks, and also create inclusive training for the LGBTQ+ population as a whole. This is now my focus, to fill a void that is deeply felt by the community, and provide support and expertise without judgement or questions. My goal is to create a guideline for training transgender and gender non-confirming folks so that every trainer can give the best care and fitness prescription to their clients. It is also to give a new perspective on the fitness industry, and the dichotomy we seem to have fallen into regarding gender and sex. We all benefit from a fit, healthy life. My goal is to make that available to all who identify as a gender or sexual minority.