Edmonton’s Hidden Running Gem’s Part 3

Now that you know how to dress the cooler temperatures while exercising, here are some more great hidden running trails for your enjoyment!

Terwillegar Park:

Terwillegar Park Edmonton

This park is one of the most well trafficked off leash dog parks so be prepared for the cute puppy factor to hit incredible heights! After you get past the dogs there are many gravel pathways and single track trails to explore that are connected to the open field – head left for direct access to a lot of single track trails. These paths are less frequented by dogs so you don’t need to worry about dodging them while getting your workout in.

Goldbar Park (Cambodia and Pipedream):

Goldbar Park Edmonton

These trails are my favourite in Edmonton for many reasons: the views are stunning, the trails are technical with many twists and turns, and it’s so peaceful. You can access this trail section by heading east form the Goldbar parking lot to the Rundle Park Bridge; instead of going on the bridge head down the hill to the right and you’ll see a few pathways. Any of the single track will lead you to two paths called “Cambodia” (to the right) and “Pipedream” to the left), both of which converge near the old Stratcona Science Park and the Haunted Trails that I talked about in my first Edmonton AM CBC blog. Expect to be running about five to seven kilometers if you are just going out to the end of this trail and back.


Chickakoo Alberta.jpg

Need a little get away from the city? Chickakoo might be the answer! It’s about 30 minutes outside of Edmonton and has great wide trails that are great for those who want a less technical trail run. This lake is less traveled and absolute gem. There are quite a few trails to discover in this area but it is quite secluded so bring nutrition and water.

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What are your favourite trails? put them in the comment below and I’ll try and feature them in the next Hidden Trails Blog!

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