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As many of you know, a few weeks ago we announced a new affiliation with Edmonton’s most active and knowledgable group of dietitian’s at Revive Wellness. Revive is the leader in up-to-date, evidence-based nutrition and wellness coaching. Through this coaching, they empower Canadians to live with energy, vitality and health.

With over 50 years of combined experience, the team provides nutrition counselling to individuals, corporations, sports teams, restaurants and more. Revive’s corporate clients include companies in the energy sector, multiple government agencies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, the financial industry, public and catholic school boards, The University of Alberta and professional athletic associations including the Edmonton Oilers, the National Curling Association as well as multiple minor league sports associations.

Revive also played an integral role in developing the nutrition and clinical education program for Edmonton’s first primary care network. They created standards that were used by the remaining Edmonton-based primary care networks during their inception. Revive continues to provide the nutrition services to over 25 clinics.

In addition to nutrition coaching, Revive Wellness offers the Emotional Brain Training® program that identifies the root cause of stress. This evidence-based program developed at the University of California San Francisco enhances our expertise and effectiveness in stress management and resiliency.

Working with local and national media, community partnerships as well as several social media venues, Revive strives to be the Canadian leader in nutrition and wellness education.

Right now, Revive has issued a 12 month challenge to all Edmontonians that we will focus on a small sustainable change you can incorporate and build on, which will lead you to a healthy lifestyle. They’ll provide you with tips, Q&As, recipes and more regarding each challenge to help you along the way. All you need to do is Like their Facebook Page! That’s a pretty sweet deal if I’ve ever seen one.

We have cards and contact information up at the front desk and please refer to Revive’s website or their Facebook Page for more information on services that they can provide for you.

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