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As a personal trainer I enjoy training all clients, but I have a special passion for training hockey players. (My Twitter handle says so!)
Like many Canadians, I grew up loving the game of hockey. The sport was my life and became increasingly more serious about it with age. During the off season, my friends were lucky enough to work with a personal trainer; my brother and I were not. Instead of professional training, my brother and I would spend our days rollerblading the River Valley or shooting pucks at a piece of plywood with a “puck hole” in our backyard. We would workout at the local gym, and often tried to mimic similar hockey movements in our workouts; this is where my passion for hockey-specific summer conditioning began.

I’ve been lucky enough to train many a hockey player through my career, but this is the first time I’ve ever been able to run a summer conditioning program. I’ll be running the 12 week program with a childhood friend and teammate, who is an amazing hockey coach with incredible passion, and it will incorporate both on-ice and dryland components.

Helping hockey players in the off season is the main reason behind why I became a personal trainer. I want these talented, hard-working, and well mannered young men to enter training camps and impress potential coaches and fellow players; I want them to excel so much that they amaze everyone with their strength and conditioning.

Being a co-owner of Blitz Conditioning with Chris has been a dream come true, but my original goal that came with becoming a personal trainer was to help hockey players take it to the next level. I want them make achieve greatness, and I want to be part of the excitement. Call me selfish; I consider it passion for the sport of hockey.


Brett Kirkland About Brett Kirkland

A hockey player myself, I have a passion for training hockey players and athletes so that they can achieve their goals. Read my full bio and follow me on Twitter

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