Don’t think of where you’ve been. Think of where you are going!

This blog is for people who have, or had, no confidence in their bodies.

I was there once.

I hated the way I looked and felt.

This was me before (CLICK BELOW IF YOU DARE):

Steve - BEFORE

Steve – BEFORE

I was a weezy, unhealthy mess of a man and the biggest life decisions I made was whether or not to eat McDonald’s or Tony Roma’s for dinner.  I was so focused on where I was that I never thought of where I could go. I had zero confidence in myself and wouldn’t try anything because of a paralysing fear of failure. I wanted to change my life, but I would constantly spin my tires and quit before I started.

Then the opportunity to take the 90-Day Challenge came and I took it. It’s so cliché but, once I started, everything changed.


Steve - NOW

Steve – NOW

When I look at these pictures now I see more than a better posture and less fat. I see myself in a completely different light. I am not only learning how strong I am, but how strong I can be.

To all of you out surfing the interwebs, take at least that one thing and put it in your memory box.  STOP LOOKING BEHIND AND START LOOKING AHEAD.

The important thing to do is just TRY. There are so many fun-fitnessy activities out there just waiting for you to join them.  If you think you’re not strong enough, take it down a notch and pick a different activity.  If you’re scared of failing, bring a friend.

Hell, I’ll try everything  once so you can even bring me. Who knows? It might make an excellent story!

What’s one you want to try? What’s stopping you from doing it?

Your’s in fitness,


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