Don’t forget to Recover: 13 weeks out

seanings-sean-williams-seanwilliams-edmonton-yeg-photography-photographer-fitness-sports-logo-alberta-canada-16What’s not to love about a rest week?!

In one sense, on a rest week you can’t help this feeling of ‘I should be doing more’ but in the end when you start up your next week of training, its amazing how great you can feel! Last week I felt like I finally got the chance to breathe again- although it didn’t really hit me until Thursday.  Coming off a pretty big week, the week before I was surprised how long it took me to really recover, both physically and mentally

This is the sort of week a lot of athletes can easily forget about when training. Rest weeks are just as important as training weeks. The fact is when you finish a workout you are weaker, not stronger. How efficient you are with your recovery will dictate how efficiently you can perform your next workout and ultimately your overall potential as an athlete.

The amount of recovery is usually best gauged by the amount of work you are putting in. While there are formulas to figure out this amount, and training programs that tell you when to take them, listening to your body can also be quite effective.

“Without proper recovery, training is only going to put an athlete into a hole that he or she will eventually find near impossible to climb out of,” says Fisher. Hunter Kemper, a two-time Olympian, six-time U.S. elite national champion and the number-one ITU-ranked triathlete in the world in 2005 and 2006, learned the importance of recovery the hard way.

“I’ve always been the athlete who tries to get one more key session in before a big race, even when sometimes it is probably too much,” says Kemper. “I’ve realized that if I don’t recover and adapt from the previous hard workout, I will be unable to have a successful workout the next time around.”

Next time you are feeling a major fatigue in your training, think about the last time you took a rest.


Total Training Hours: 8.5 (Half of last weeks!)

Favorite workout of the week: A hot yoga session on Sunday night. I love yoga for unwinding mentally and physically- stretching is also something that a lot of athletes don’t  focus on enough, including myself- yoga is perfect to make sure I get one good stretch in a week, it also aids in my recovery.

Toughest workout of the week: All of my workouts this week were pretty relaxed compared with last week.

Biggest learning: After a peak week comes a rest week- and that is a lovely thing.

Things I’m looking forward to this week: I’m heading to Banff this coming weekend and looking forward to some training in the mountains!

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