Dino: A Realistic Fitness Journey

Dino has been a client of mine for 2 years and he has a relatable fitness journey for many people. He started off with a goal of coming to workout with me twice a week. He wanted to feel better, have more energy, and drop a few pounds. In the beginning he stayed pretty consistent and saw some slight results, he dropped a few pounds and was getting stronger. As time went on there were times where we were lucky if we were getting one workout a week together and the results were becoming non-existent. We would consistently talk about him hitting up the local gym at least once a week for him to get in a extra workout. This wasn’t working either! Being a father of two young boys it was difficult for him to sneak away on the weekend for a gym session. So instead I started hounding him on booking in another time slot a week at Blitz. After about 8 months of my constant hounding he finally agreed. The way I looked at it was at least we are almost guaranteed to get in two workouts a week if something were to come up.

Through the months we always talked about his nutrition but never really focused on it. I knew the guy was going out to eat a lot, he loves his pasta, and wasn’t afraid of a beer. Our philosophy at Blitz is one thing at a time. I wanted him to get more consistent in his workouts then we could deal with nutrition later. Many people jump into working out expecting to see jaw-dropping results in a month, they are going be on a strict diet and go to the gym 5 days a week. They burn themselves out after the first week and never want to go back.

Being able to consistently get to the gym 3 times a week is a huge commitment and Dino was making it happen. His workouts were becoming much more productive and he was beginning to see some results again. I could tell he was getting more serious about his health. One Tuesday he came in and told me he had read a book on a certain nutrition plan when he was away for a business trip. It was not a quick fix book but more of a lifestyle change and he was going to give it a shot. Finally after 2 years Dino has it all together! He has been sticking to his workouts and really watching what he eats. Over the last two months Dino has shed 15 lbs!!

Living a healthy lifestyle takes time and dedication. If there is any advice I could give to all the fitness New Year Resolutioners out there is take your time, make small changes, celebrate the small victories and realize that there are no quick fixes when it comes to lifestyle.

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