Dear 2012 self…A letter from the future you to the present you.

Hey All!

I thought I’d write this post as a introspective piece for anyone that has health, or by that extension, aspirations to make changes in the next year.  Often times, we are bound by numbers and social norms and I’m hoping that this piece encourages people to look at the “Why” behind a goal.  Hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment below on what you think about it or message me!

Dear 2012 me,

It’s been a year and I just wanted to thank you.  You had some goals and they were lofty: you wanted to workout five times a week, change your diets and focus on finding inner peace.  Well I can tell you that you didn’t hit any of those!  So why am I thanking you?  Because after all of the fad diets we tried, the fitness regiments we tried, and the meditation and yoga classes we failed to concentrate in, we found what the actual goal was and everything else fell into place.

In short, we found comfort in ourselves; the inner us.  We were able to overcome the self-hate barriers and loathing and came to this epiphany: the only way to truly change ourselves is to love ourselves as being wholly us.  We stopped focusing on numbers, on peace of mind, and on those crash diets and focused on loving that person that’s hiding behind all of the societal norms.  Yes don’t worry, the weight came off, and we were able to fit in those unconscionably tight jeans again, but that no longer mattered as much as this inner confidence we gained when we realized that it’s not the outcome but the journey that makes the person.  Don’t get me wrong, we struggled, toiled and fought with ourselves to get to those goals we set,  but we realized that at the end of it all the focus was never on bettering ourselves physically.  We found the “why” behind the “how” and I love us for that.

I’m hoping that this letter helps us along the way in your struggles, and maybe gives us a kick-start in moving beyond these goals and into loving ourselves for being who we are.


The 2013 you.


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