Damn you cheese! 90 Day Challenge


Who was the dumbass that decided to start a 90 day challenge the week before Christmas? Well that dumbass was me!

Here’s the deal, Christmas holidays are all about food! Well, not really, but every holiday has a great deal of socializing involved with it, parties, get togethers and the celebrating just never seems to want to end.

Truth of the matters is that I like food; in the past I haven’t had the ability to go to a party or event and just not nibble, and I won’t pretend that I became good at it over night, actually I don’t really even know if I was better this holiday season compared to last. What I can say is, living your life not enjoying food, company and great cheese, will never be my thing but switching to water and leaving earlier then others so I can hit the gym at 6:30am, while that is a choice I am willing to make. Its all about choices, not to say I will eat this cake cause I’m going to the gym later, but to say, I’ll have the wine and cheese only rather then wine, cheese, cake, chicken wings and a cookie I could have.

Sacrifice seems to be what people relate to when the conversation of weight loss or “healthy lifestyle” comes up and yes the more you sacrifice the faster you may reach your weight loss goals, but you might end up sacrificing more along the way then you are willing to commit to for the long term and isn’t long term the point, sustaining?  Yes, I killed it at the gym last week and I had no issue eating cheese at 11:30pm, drinking wine and watching a movie with my Mom while the family slept, because as much as I value a healthy body and the road that it takes to get there, I also value the gift of time and this year the time spend with my family was a perfect Christmas gift.

The cheese is now put away, the bag for the gym is packed and it’s a new day, new challenges to take on and always remembering that this isn’t a tready task or fad diet, this is life, this is a commitment to me, and while Christmas’ come, parties happen, managing how to maintain your lifestyle through this is the test and one that will always have temptation and may never be easy.

So now I ask you, why is it that committing to yourself is so much harder then committing to a job, relationship or even a gym membership? Let me know.


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