The Culture of Fitness is King.

I’ve been exposed to a variety of corporate and social cultures in my life so far and I’m always fascinated at how different they can all be.  Maybe you have or are currently in a group in which the culture is toxic, where people compete against each other and negativity about life peppers every conversation.  It’s draining.  Maybe you’re in a culture in which everything is lived in excess whether it is food, alcohol, partying, materialism. It’s empty.  When we look at the great companies and communities we see this transcendant theme of support, community, fun, learning, and of course health.  People within these successful communities work and live in them.  A work-life balance dosen’t exist in these communities because they are interrelated and cannot be separated.  It’s a work-life continuum.

While designing the corporate culture of Blitz Conditioning, Brett and myself kept on repeating this mantra:

Community Oriented Fitness

Little did we know that the statement above became engrained into everything Blitz touches.  Fitness to us is defined not as physical health but as holistic health: mind, body, and spirit.  So when we seek community oriented fitness we create support systems that focus on all three aspects of a person’s identity as it interrelates with others.  We seek to appreciate and love one another for who we are but also to encourage all of us to continually improve and redefine ourselves.  We seek the best for others and in turn that betters the community and ourselves.  We believe that we have been blessed with the ability to pursue a healthy lifestyle and the ability to create an organic community that revolves around health and wellness.  We empower ourselves and others through cross-mentorship, support and of course the pursuit of health.  Oh, and we have fun doing all of this!

I’ve come to this epiphany: you are in control of how you react to things in life and the environment that is around you.  If you are living or working in a negative environment it’s ultimately your choice to make changes that will eventually create a positive and supportive environment.  You may not be able to change jobs, but change your frame of mind – instead of finding negative things to complain about at your job, think about one or two positive things you can take out of the day.  It could be a conversation with a co-worker, or a phone call or an email where you helped someone out, anything!  If your company dosen’t have a corporate fitness program then start going for walks during your lunch break, initiate the corporate fitness movement and people will follow.  If you’re in a negative environment outside of work, that dosen’t support changes in your lifestyle then change it!  Connect with people in your social networks like Facebook who are exercising and ask them if you can join.  Surround yourself with likeminded people or people whom you strive to emulate and you’ll get to your goals in life. Create community around your change and push away the negativity.

When we take control of who we hang out with and our outlook we can truly be happy and attain fulfillment.  The culture of fitness is king because it supports us in everything that we do and pushes us to attain the things we will truly value in life.

About Chris Tse

I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.

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