CTV Summer Arm Workout!

We were on CTV Morning Live today and took one of our amazing clients through a functional arm workout. It is summer time and lots of people like to wear their tank tops and show off their arms! We are going to show you today how you can tone those arms but still get a full body workout!

Your arms are made up of three major muscles groups:

  • shoulders (deltoids)
  • guns (biceps aka front of your arms)
  • horse shoe (triceps aka the back of your arms)

Each of these exercises are going to work these muscle groups individually.

Squat Lateral Raise (works out: shoulders and legs)


  • Perform a proper a squat (weight through your heals and keep your bum pushed back) while holding dumbbells at either side



  • As you stand up from the squat, laterally raise the dumbbells to shoulder height
  • Make sure you squeeze your bum tight at the top of each squat

Plank Triceps Kick-back (works out: core and triceps)


  • Holding a dumbbell in each hand in the plank position you are going to raise on arm up



  • Keep your core tight, lock your elbow in tight to your side and extend your hand back towards your feet
  • Make sure your hips stay square to the ground after you have performed your repetitions switch sides


Alternating Lunge Biceps Curls (works out: legs and biceps)

  • Holding dumbbells in each hand perform a lunge (take a large step forward placing all your weight through your front heel leaving your front leg at 90 degrees and your back knee almost touching the ground) and a biceps curl at the same time.



  • You are going to want to keep your arms tight to your sides and only bend at the elbow for the bicepe curl.



Perform this workout in a circuit format and at around 20 repetitions of each. This workout will get your heart pumping and arms burning!


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