CTV Morning Live – Park Bench Workout!!

We were extremely excited to be back on CTV this morning showcasing some great exercises that could spice up your run or any outdoor workout using a park bench. We all know how us Albertans love to take full advantage of our summers so why not get out and get active.

Try out this circuit as a way to finish your fun in the sun.

Bench Step-up

A very simple exercise that will help build that bubble butt you have always wanted.  Make sure to keep all your weight through your heel and focus on pushing through your heel as you step. Try to balance for 1-3 seconds at the top of each step-up and squeeze your butt cheeks as tight as you possibly can.  Do anywhere from 10-20 reps each leg.

Step-up CTV

Bench Push-up

A modification of your typical push-up that will help tone the front of your shoulders and build a stronger chest. Be sure to keep all your weight over your shoulders and your chest should be right above the bench. Be sure to flex your chest at the top of each push-up. Do anywhere from 10-20 reps for this exercise.

Incline Push-up CTV

Bench Dip

Suns out guns out!! This is a great exercise to get that definition in your triceps, keep your elbows tight to your ribs, push through your palms and don’t shrug your shoulders! Do anywhere from 10-20 reps for this exercise!

Dips CTV

Plank Torso Twist

This exercise is going to work your shoulders, chest and core all in one! Make sure your body stays straight, you’re rotating through your torso as much as possible and kicking that leg straight out at the end. Be sure not to allow your one foot the touch during the exercise. Do anywhere from 8-15 reps each leg.

Plank Torso twist CTV

Complete all 4 exercises and take a 1-2 minute rest. Repeat the circuit 3-4 times and let us know how you feel after!!

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