CTV Morning Live BOSU Workout!

As some of you may have seen we were on CTV this morning showing a few Bosu exercises. A BOSU Ball is basically a half a Swiss Ball that can be used on both sides (Bosu= Both Sides Utilized). It is great for improving balance and just making your typical workout that much more challenging. It’s great for engaging smaller muscle groups that we call stabilizers that don’t typically get hit in many workouts.

We performed these 4 exercises on the show this morning and we thought we would elaborate a little more on how to do them.

BOSU Squat

BOSU Squat:

  • This is the same as a typical squat with but you don’t want to keep all of your weight through your heels
  • Make sure the majority of your weight is through the middle of your feet, more of an athletic position
  • Your back should remain straight and you still want to push your bum back.
  • You should feel this one in your quads and gluts




BOSU Skater Stride

BOSU Skater Stride:

  • One foot is going to start on top of the BOSU
  • Stay in a squat position
  • Transfer your weight across the BOSU so that your opposite foot ends up on top of the BOSU
  • Stay low and transfer your weight laterally across the Bosu as fast as you can
  • You should feel this one in your quads, gluts and lungs!






BOSU Transfer Push-Ups

BOSU Transfer Push-Ups:

  • Start with one hand on the BOSU and perform a push-up
  • As you push-up, push yourself across the BOSU ending with your hands in the opposite positions
  • This is a high energy workout that takes a lot of upper body strength
  • You should feel this one in your chest, shoulders and triceps!






BOSU Plank Kick Outs

BOSU Plank Kick Outs:

  • Stay in a push-up position but this time both your feet are going to be placed on the BOSU
  • Take one foot off the BOSU reach out as far as you can
  • Bring it back and switch legs
  • You should feel this one in your core!






Try 20 reps of each exercise and repeat 3-5 times. This circuit is going to get your heart pumping and hit all the major muscle groups like; chest, core, quads, gluts. You can make any of these exercises more difficult by turning the Bosu over onto the black side!

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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