CTV Medicine Ball Circuit

As some of you guys may have seen we were on CTV Morning Live today and we put Craig Larkins through pretty simple medicine ball core circuit. This circuit is going to involve both your transverse abdominis and your rectus abdominis. Your transverse abdominis is the deepest layer of the abdominal wall and the main muscle that you will want work to strengthen your whole core, plank is a great way to do this. Your rectus abdominis (the six pack muscle) is large muscle in the front of your abdomen, crunches is a simple exercise that will help you strengthen this.

Here is a circuit that is going to help strengthen your whole core.


Medicine Ball Slam: A very simply exercise where you are going to hold the medicine ball above your head and smash the ball into the ground as hard as you can. This should be done quickly and at a very high intensity. As you throw the ball into the ground focus on crunching your abs.













Medicine Ball V-sit Crunch: Hold the medicine ball above your head in a v-sit position.  You are going to crunch your knees into your chest and then straighten them as much as possible. You should feel your core tighten and hold on so you don’t fall backwards.













Medicine Ball Woodchop:  Keep your feet about shoulder width apart and be in an athletic position. You are going to hold the medicine ball about 6 inches off your hip. Keeping your stomach drawn and your core engaged swing the ball across your body ending at about shoulder height.  Make sure this done at a controlled rate.












Medicine Ball Jackknifes: Lay flat on your back with your arms above your head and the medicine ball resting on the the ground. Keeping your legs straight raise them up so they are pointing to the roof at the exact same time do the same thing with your arms. Make sure your back remains flat on the floor when lowering your legs.














If you feel any pain in your lower back during any of these exercises please e-mail me for modifications!

Try doing each exercise for 30 seconds or if you are a little more advanced try for 45 seconds with about a 15 second rest between each.  Complete the circuit and repeat 3-5 times.

Let us know how it goes!!

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  1. Yvon Loiselle says:

    Great to see you’re getting publicity with Larkins on CTV. So is that what you’re doing with the guys next door, training hockey players?

  2. Thanks Yvon! The hockey players are all sorts of hockey specific workouts but definitely incorporating plenty of similar core exercises into them!

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