CTV Core Circuit

Blitz Conditioning is on CTV Morning Live today! We put together a wicked core based circuit that requires no equipment at all. This circuit is going to get your heart rate up while hitting your core hard.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Plank Reach-Out: 

Make sure that you can hold a steady plank first before making the jump to a plank reach out. During the plank you want to make sure that your back is flat and stomach is tight. An easy way to make sure this is happening is by rotate your hips in towards your belly button. Once you have that down take your right hand and reach out as far as front of you as you can, alternate hands. When performing the “reachout” make sure you bum/hips stay as still a possible. You should feel this exercise in the front of your stomach.



Spiderman Push-Ups:

This exercise starts out in the plank position. Lift up your right hand and push yourself up into the push-up position, lower yourself back down into the plank and now push yourself up with your left hand. Same as the plank reach-out you want as little movement through your hips as possible while rotating your hips in towards your belly button. You should feel this exercise in the front of your stomach and shoulders.




Cross Mountain Climbers: 

In this exercise you are going to be in the push-up position. The key to this exercise is you want to drive your right knee to your left elbow and then your left knee to your right elbow as fast as you can. You want to make sure that your back stays flat and once again that your core is tight. This exercise should get your heart pumping and also hit your oblique’s (sides of your stomach).





Side Plank Crunch:

Rest on one elbow with your hips raised as high off the ground as they can be and your feet stacked on top of each other. Your body should be perfectly straight. Make sure you are doing this properly before performing the crunch. Right now you should be feeling it in your oblique (side) that is closest to the ground. Once you are comfortable with that place your hand that is not planted on the ground on your head. You are then going to take your top leg and by bending your knee crunch your knee and your elbow together. Once you have completed the repetitions flip to the other side.





This is how our personal trainers would like you to perform this circuit:

Exercise                                               Repetitions (beginner, mediate, advanced)

Plank Reach-out                               10 each hand, 15 each hand, 20 each hand

Spiderman Push-ups                      6 each hand, 10 each hand, 15 each hand

Cross Mountain Climbers            15 each leg, 25 each leg, 40 each leg

Side Plank Crunch                           10 each side, 15 each side, 20 each side


Go through each exercise with as little rest as possible. Once completed take 1-2 minute rest and repeat 4 times. This workout should only take you around 10-15 minutes. Have fun!!

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  1. Wow great post Brett! Love all the photos and explanation!

  2. This looks KILLER. I’ll have to try!

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