Corrective Exercise: Week 3/4

The final two weeks of Melissa’s corrective program have been completed. The reason I am combining the last two weeks is because they are quite similar.  The exercises may be different but they hit same muscles. There has been noticeable improvement in Melissa’s squat by the end.

To start each week the layout is the same: inhibit, lengthen, activate, and integrate. All the inhibiting was done by SMR. The one lengthening stretch that I changed was for the hamstring. Instead of doing a standing hamstring stretch, I had Melissa do a modified hurdler stretch. This is done by having  using a technique called: ‘One leg in, one leg out’.  Sitting on the ground, extend one leg out in front of you while the other is bent and the sole of that foot rests against the other thigh.

During the activation portion the abduction exercise stayed the same, but we changed the adduction exercise. The adduction exercise was changed to the, much loved, side steps. To perform this exercise: stand on a resistance band holding the ends around about hip height, then extend the leg to the side well keeping your legs straight. Bring the other foot back to the start position, in a controlled manner.

We changed the integration exercise to a squat press: squat down come up, and as you come up you press two dumbbells above your head. We changed the exercise from a squat row to add some variety in the workout and to challenge the body differently.  It is good to change the exercises in order to challenge the body differently corrective exercise is no exception.

After coming for once a week, for four weeks Melissa has had a great improvement in her hip shift! When she squats down you can no longer see a deviation to the side. Just because you are doing corrective does not mean you need to stop doing all other exercise, it just means that while working out other days to keep in mind the things you are trying to fix.  Melissa continued to workout with Brett through the past four weeks and probably became stronger because of it. 



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