Corrective Exercise: Week 2- First Workout

We started working on Melissa last week focusing on the asymmetrical shift to the right. The shift is caused by tight muscles in the left leg causing her whole body to shift more the right side. You can experience this by flexing all the muscles on leg and  then try to squat down.  You will notice that your body shifts away from the flexed leg. The workouts for corrective exercise are not intense, they can almost be considered more relaxing for the most part. Starting with self-myfacial release (SMR), then lengthening, activation, and ending with integration.

Foam Rolling GastrocStretching Piriformis

Melissa performed foam rolling as SMR. The trick to proper foam rolling is to find the spot that you can really feel, and sit on that spot, do not roll on and off it, for 30 seconds. Melissa had to foam roll her adductors (inside of the thigh) on the right leg, on the left leg she had to foam roll her gastroc, and soleous (calf), piriformis (right above the butt), and bicep femoris (hamstring). After one round she lengthened the same muscles with static stretching. She held each stretch for 30 seconds, and went through them all twice. Adduction/Abduction

We then proceed to strengthen the weaker muscles using muscular activation. There are only two muscle groups she needed to activate here abductors on her right leg, and adductors of her left leg. The two exercises Melissa performed were standing leg abduction, and standing leg adduction, by attaching a band to her ankle. Each exercise was done 3 times, and 15 reps each, with around a one minute break between each set. Squat Row

Integration is the most important part of corrective exercise. It is the portion where you work all your muscles, so they know how to properly work together. The exercise I had Melissa do for this was a squat row, where she held on to bands squated, and on the way up performed a row. She did this for 3 sets, with 15 reps each set, and a minute break between each set. By the end integration portion I could see a large improvement in the shift.

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