Corrective Exercise: Week 1- Assesment

I have started to do some corrective exercise with someone at Blitz Conditioning, the person I am doing it with is Melissa. Each week I will be making posts on her progress, and how she is doing over the next month.

This week I started with an assessment to see any problem areas. After completing the assessment with Melissa I noticed a few things:

  • She has a little bit of an excessive forward lean
  • Her arms drop foward as she squats down
  • She has an asymmetrical shift to the right
  • Her left knee moves inward during the one legged squat
  • And she has a hip hike on the right side during the one legged squat

As you can see in the picture of the excessive forward lean (top), the two lines from there back, and shins are not parallel. This is caused from a tight abdominals, and hip flexors, and a weaker glute max (butt). Since the two tight muscles have more pull it will make them over active, and over powering the glute max causing you to lean more forward. If this is not fixed it can cause extra strain on the lower back over time, causing lower back pain. Also you can see the arms dropping in the top picture, this happens when the chest, and/or the back muscles are tight and pull the arms down. Left untreated this can cause shoulder issues. The picture of the asymmetrical hip shift (bottom), when she squats down she shifts her weight to her right leg, as you can see with the line dissecting her body. This caused by uneven strength and weakness in the legs. If this is left untreated over time it can cause hip problems, either pain on the over active side from the pull of the tight muscles, or on the weak side from vigorous activity since the muscle is not holding the hip in place as well as it should.

Since Melissa’s forward lean isn’t to bad I am going to concentrate on correcting the asymmetrical hip shift. Each week when she comes in I will have a program made up for here that will start with self-myofascia release (foam rolling), then stretching the tight muscles, then strengthening the weak muscles, and ending with integration.

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