Confessions of a Dietitian

Today I have been battling a nasty cold and a pile of work deadlines.  I came home from work tired and just wanting to climb into bed.  However, I am leaving on vacation in 3 days and have a long list of to-dos to complete before I leave.

All of a sudden a picture popped into my head of the cookies I have stored in my freezer. Let me be clear, it was not just a fleeting thought, but a lingering thought that went around and around in my head, gaining momentum. My plan for tonight was to complete a few more outstanding tasks, do some packing and then get to bed early.  Instead, I thought how fast can I thaw these cookies? and wondered what was on TV.

My Dietitian brain told me that I just had dinner and didn’t need the cookies, but another voice, a louder voice told me “I deserve a reward today – of all days” and “one won’t make a difference”.

So I found myself in front of my freezer with a tin of those tempting goodies in hand. At the last moment, my rational brain kicked in, forcing me to take a deep breath and say to myself “Wait just a moment! What brain state am I in?”

I took a deep breath, checked in and noticed just how stressed I was feeling and remembered that I have a tool box of tools from Emotional Brain Training (EBT) that can shift my brain back into balance. I am proud to say that I used some of my EBT tools which made my need for the cookies null and void (and I put the tin back in the freezer).   The moral of my story is that even someone (a dietitian) who has over 20 years of experience working in weight loss and over eating issue with clients can struggle with cravings and problem eating patterns.

Don’t believe anyone who says you just push through the cravings or stay focused on the goal.

When it comes to emotional, mindless and stress eating, lack of commitment, focus and motivation is usually not the problem; rather a lack of skills that you can learn by going to the root of the problem – your brain. Once learned those tools can be strengthened over time to lasting success.

Check back next week to learn what Emotional Brain Training is. We will be blogging about it here monthly.

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