Christian’s inspirational story of fitness

As some of you know Brett, Amal and myself were in sunny Mexico for a week for their wedding! We had a blast and really made it an effort to keep fitness constantly integrated into the vacation; morning workouts, running, healthy eating and just fun in the sun in general!

I managed to get in some personal workout time at the resort and I met this guy named Christian. He was so inspiring to me and I thought I’d share it with you snippets of our conversation with you.

Christian is a retired veteran from the French army; he’s probably one of the most fit 60 year olds I’ve met. We started talking about his previous occupation and he told me stories of how he would parachute into political hotspots in order to complete missions. Christians physical and mental strength was tested constantly through his work so he had to stay in top form.

What was even more touching was that he revealed that his wife had passed away from cancer quite some time ago. He told me that he never once stopped exercising even while mourning the passing of his wife. Christian said that although his profession demanded that he remain fit, he realized that the exercises had the other effect of stress relief and provided a structure to his life when everything else in life seemed to be in chaos.

Christian has remarried now and commutes back and forth with his wife from Mexico to France. In between our exercise sets, I asked him how he finds life now and he responded saying: “My life is ideal now, I exercise, I eat well, I love my wife and I have a great group of friends. What more can a man ask for?” I then asked him what are the keys to motivating himself to go exercise for an hour every day and he responded in French: “son, you know as well as I do, there’s no such thing as motivation when it comes to exercise. You do it. You do it because it’s good for you and because of all the benefits. This is an investment into your future and you just do it without question.”

Thanks Christian, it was an honor to meet you and to become inspired by your approach to life and fitness.

Do you have a person that inspires you to keep going? Share your story with me!

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