Chris Tse

I’m passionate about helping my clients, engraining a lifestyle of fitness and creating communities that are based on a healthy lifestyle. My approach to personal training is to look at each person as unique and to care for their physical and mental health. I am passionate about personal growth and breaking barriers of fitness for each of my clients. I look at the individual as a system of which external changes affect their mental, physical and spiritual states. Physical fitness is just one component of the self that must be looked at in order to ensure that the whole person is able change their life.

What you should expect from a training session with me

You should expect your training sessions to be adapted to your specific needs and current health status. I have worked with sedentary people and athletes in ways that are uniquely challenging and produce results that are long lasting. Expect to be physically challenged throughout the entire session but to also have fun doing it! Whether it is in individualized training, group training or training with your dog I believe in providing quality and well founded fitness principles in order to guide you in your journey in health and wellness.

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