10 Best Exercise Tips of All Time!

You have probably heard at least a dozen "Best Fitness Tips" in the past few months; just take a walk down the magazine isle at your local grocery store and you will probably find a stack of magazines touting the newest fitness trend or weight lifting technique that will rock you to the next level.  I used to get sucked into these magazines all the time with little satisfaction at the end!  Our personal trainers here at Blitz Conditioning sat down and rifled through all of our textbooks and … [Read more...]

Fitness and Life; they’re both about Momentum!

    As personal trainers we're inundated with questions about "The Start" and how to keep this lifestyle going.  Brett had an amazing post a few days ago about our struggles in keeping our fitness regimen going even when as health professionals!   I can definitely attest to struggling with arranging my hectic schedule and fitting in a solid workout or even properly planning meals.  Many of my days start at about 4:30 am and don't finish until 8 pm, they are packed with training … [Read more...]

How To Get Up After You Fall Down

Returning home after a 16 day vacation/getting married/all-inclusive with 60 of my best friends/time of my life has been hard. Not only has it been hard to get back to into the fitness side of things but also making/planning meals and overall getting back into that healthy lifestyle that we lived before. I say we because I am married now and have been informed that it should always be “we” (not by my amazing wife but by others haha). Basically I am writing this blog to let you know that yes, … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Staying Fit on Vacation

As I sit in Mexico at an all inclusive resort, after getting married to the woman of my dreams, I'm finding it tough to get the motivation to go to the gym. I want to spend time with my new wife, my amazing friends and family who came all this way and of course I want to spend time with one of my best friends: the beach. But, with all that here, I've still found a way to take care of myself and get my butt in the gym for a half hour a day. Here are 3 keys to making sure you get a workout … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Successfully Treat Sciatica

What is Sciatica? Sciatica is an inflammation/ irritation of the sciatic nerve, the biggest and longest nerve in the body. Several nerve roots leave the spinal cord and exit through holes in the sacrum to then combine with the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is usually marked by pain, numbness or tingling on down through the nerve pathway, in this case usually beginning in the buttock region and typically running down the posterior side of the leg through the hamstrings, back of the knee, down the calf … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Exercise & Mental Health are so Important

I've had the privilege of lecturing on the benefits of exercise and mental health twice in the past year and I thought I'd share some of the information with all of you.  Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety have been something that was swept under the rug for the longest time in our society. It's shocking that about 25% of the Canadian population will have had a mental illness at one point in time during their lives.  Mental illness affects people off all economic levels either … [Read more...]

5 tips for after your holiday eating marathon

Every year during the holidays people around the world empty their wallets buying gifts for others and fill their belly's with big celebration meals. If this is you, here's how you can reverse it with these 5 tips for after your holiday eating binge! Start your day off right with a detoxifying mix of hot water and lemon instead of making your usual Starbucks run. Not only will you save yourself the cost of a specialty drink, you’ll also save yourself the unnecessary calories. Save … [Read more...]