Have Your Fitness Goal’s Plateaued?

Are you staying physically fit but not seeing a change in your body? If so you are probably experiencing a plateau in your fitness. When first starting a healthier lifestyle it is amazing how your body reacts and the results you see. If you want to see a more positive transformation in your body here are some tips that might help you with that! Diet- Take a good look at your diet and the calories you are consuming. You might even be eating the right amount of calories but just the wrong … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Sport Success

Kelsey, (Dietitian at Revive Wellness and avid athlete) sums up the keys to sport success in the following formula: You need good (if not great) nutrition, strong training and adequate sleep if you want that competitive edge.  These 3 components work synergistically to allow your body to achieve its goals. Tailored training is needed to help grow your muscles and take your body to the next level.  The trainers at Blitz are experts in this area and can show you how to maximize your … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Max Strength

Max strength has more benefits than just gaining strength; max strength decreases in injury by developing stronger connective tissue and denser bones, and you will burn more calories when you're not working out (since even resting muscles burn calories). Max strength increases activity in the endocrine system and helps blood flow throughout the body, all while you're increasing performance and your neural drive (increasing number of motor units firing vs. resting units). Max strength also helps … [Read more...]

The Culture of Fitness is King.

I've been exposed to a variety of corporate and social cultures in my life so far and I'm always fascinated at how different they can all be.  Maybe you have or are currently in a group in which the culture is toxic, where people compete against each other and negativity about life peppers every conversation.  It's draining.  Maybe you're in a culture in which everything is lived in excess whether it is food, alcohol, partying, materialism. It's empty.  When we look at the great companies and … [Read more...]

VO2 MAX What Is It? How Do You Find It?

To start this off a little physiology lesson on what V02 max is. VO2 max is measured in ml/kg/min  (millimetres per kilogram per minute), it measures the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use per minute. This is not the max speed your body can run at, but the top speed where your body is still using oxygen within the muscles to help produce energy and not using stored energy. Now how to find your VO2 max. What you will need is a treadmill, heart rate monitor, good running shoes, and … [Read more...]

Top 3 Tips To Find More Focus In Your Day

I will honestly admit that I have a hard time focusing, and seem to be more productive when my day is busy and chaotic; I am not the type of personal who can naturally sit and perform one solitary task for a prolonged period of time. I often find myself getting lost in mundane and insignificant tasks, which distract me from the more important things. If I could, I would probably try to simultaneously do several activities (like cooking, working out, business meetings, and proposal prep) at once, … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Living a Satisfying Life

I am entirely content with where I am in my life. While I'm constantly driven with passion to create communities focused on health and well being, and I'll always strive to push my personal and professional limits - I'm okay with who I am today and where I'm going.  A few years ago, I did an emotional and mental purge and I got rid of aspects in my life that didn't make sense. I let go of material things, destructive relationships, and stuff without purpose that were only causing clutter. With a … [Read more...]

Batch Cooking 101

Time and time again, our clients proclaim the same barrier to healthy eating- I have no time! From busy work and school schedules, to traffic delays, or the kids’ extracurricular activities and the list goes on. The fact you have made time to see a Dietitian or read this blog is a miracle in itself! While we can’t produce time out of thin air, we can introduce you to batch cooking. Batch cooking is a great activity to stretch your time and your food dollar budget. It reduces the set up and … [Read more...]

The Many Faces of Resistance Training Part II: Systems Continued

Last week, I introduced you to the basics of resistance training. This week, we’ll dig deeper into the Multi-Poundage System (local muscular endurance), the Super-Pump System (increasing size), the Triangle System (increasing/decreasing weights), and the Breakdown Training (muscular endurance for beginners). Unless you’re using a machine, you may need one or two spotters for the Multi-Poundage System. You want to use a weight that you can perform 4-5 reps with; you’ll follow this with 4-5 … [Read more...]

Don’t Improve, Exist.

We've all seen them; the magazine racks at the grocery store splashed with big, bold, bright captions: "10 steps to improve...", "Quick fixes for...", "The best, easy way to...", etc. I'll be unloading my groceries at the till and in a moment of self-depreciation/inner turmoil, I almost reach for one of those magazines in hope that those glossy pages hold the magic cures to my lack of existence. Luckily, my morals kicks in and before I can grab the magazine, I remember: I'm fine, I do NOT need … [Read more...]