A Fit Geek’s Year in Review

Hedgehodge After

'The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.' - Socrates Hello again friends and fellow fit nerds! Can you believe more than a year's passed since I embarked on my fit quest and changed my life for the better? I sure haven't! I wanted to take some time to share my progress and lay out what I plan to do in my 2014-2015 season of nerd fitness with you. So let's get started shall we? Last year, I signed up for Blitz … [Read more...]

Tracking your fit quest progress

Sweet Quote

The sun's out and the temperature's rising which means runners and walkers (not zombies) are showing up in the River Valley to shake off their winter rust. This beefy body of mine has joined the fray and conquered the devil's staircase (Royal Glenora Stairs) already for the first time this year. I'm not going to lie it feels pretty great. Physical activity is becoming a co-star in my life again and seeing/feeling progress is what keeps me going. Any change I notice can push me beyond what … [Read more...]

Getting Back in the Game

The Blitz Dream Team!

I have to be honest about something: I didn't workout AT ALL for the last two weeks of January. It's actually not that big of a secret. If you take a look at the January 30 Day Challenge board, you'll see that I kicked ass for the first two weeks. Four workouts per week? No problem. Owning it. Let's do this. And then, mid-January, a bunch of crazy things happened in my personal life. And those things hit me hard. I could barely keep up with work, school, and personal stuff, let alone early … [Read more...]

Injuries: Respect them, heal them, and then Crush your Goals!

Focusing and being consistent with your rehabilitation is paramount for recovery.

Happy New Year! We've all been there: had an injury of some sort - whether it was an ankle sprain, shin splints, muscle strain, etc. It's never fun to be injured, and as a personal trainer my mission is to help people learn to move properly to minimize their risk of injury. That being said, when we are constantly pushing our bodies to new limits and taking on more intense workouts and movements, the potential for injury increases. As our bodies become capable of more and more (which is … [Read more...]

Steve’s a #Nerd4Fitness & TECHNOLOGY

Dumbell Swings

I don't know about you fine folks, but scheduling a workout around everyday shenanigans can prove quite difficult for me. Things go along swimmingly when suddenly the Real World, that crazy ol' kook, knocks on your door and throws your whole day off in a tizzy. Working out is like an L-shaped tetris block. If you can finagle it around a few things, your life becomes perfectly aligned and you get those much-needed bonus points. Technology has been my best friend when it comes to the fine … [Read more...]

Stay Motivated this Summer: tips for exercising on vacation!

Leigh Chmilar Outdoor Workout

Hey Ya'll! This post comes from a time when we are in the middle of our beautiful summer! If we are lucky, September will be nice and HOT and we won't see fall colours and cool breezes until October is just around the corner! Summer is so bittersweet when it comes to your fitness routine. Mine has been a little crazy - I had arthroscopic knee surgery in July (which luckily is a very quick recovery), and then I've had a few small vacations which tend to throw me out of routine. If you are … [Read more...]

Beginners: How hard should you exercise?


Ah the million-dollar question. How hard do I train? How often? I have people ask me this question all the time - whether they are brand new to exercise, have been active for years, or have been sedentary for the last 12 months (deconditioned) . They all ask me - how often should I come in? How much should I be doing outside of our sessions? How fast should I increase the intensity? The answers to these questions are simple, but not that simple. There is a different answer to each of these … [Read more...]

Back to Basics II: Deadlifts

The final position of the deadlift - standing tall, keeping shoulders back and core engaged

Deadlifts are a foundational movement for many other (and more advanced) exercise movements, and proper form is absolutely critical. As you start to use heavier weights, whether you are bodybuilding, strength building, or simply trying to shape the legs, the deadlift is a key component to Gluteal, Hamstring and lower back strength. Performing them correctly will allow you to strengthen your back and legs, and give your legs a nice shape: Round, lifted butt and balanced hamstrings and quads. … [Read more...]

Have Your Fitness Goal’s Plateaued?

plateau pic

Are you staying physically fit but not seeing a change in your body? If so you are probably experiencing a plateau in your fitness. When first starting a healthier lifestyle it is amazing how your body reacts and the results you see. If you want to see a more positive transformation in your body here are some tips that might help you with that! Diet- Take a good look at your diet and the calories you are consuming. You might even be eating the right amount of calories but just the wrong … [Read more...]

3 Keys to Sport Success


Kelsey, (Dietitian at Revive Wellness and avid athlete) sums up the keys to sport success in the following formula: You need good (if not great) nutrition, strong training and adequate sleep if you want that competitive edge.  These 3 components work synergistically to allow your body to achieve its goals. Tailored training is needed to help grow your muscles and take your body to the next level.  The trainers at Blitz are experts in this area and can show you how to maximize your … [Read more...]