Oh For Fit’s Sake: F*ck Terrification!

Well, this blog post, this admission weakness and perpetual struggles has been a long time coming or should I say a long time hedging.  Those closest to me and those who have been consistently trying to help me with this struggle can attest.   There is a very simple reason for this, I AM SCARED OUT OF MY WITS.  In fact, I made up a new word to define this “I want to throw up, scream cry , fear poo, and ideally, spontaneously combust at any minute” feeling: TERRIFICATION. TERRIFICATION: a … [Read more...]

The Healing Powers of Reiki

Reiki is a form of treatment that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, enhances our intuition and unearths our emotions by unifying the mind, body and spirit. This enables us to connect more deeply with our selves physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. During a state of deep relaxation or meditation, brain waves are in their alpha state. When both practitioner and receiver come to this point, brain waves become synchronize and the practitioner is made more aware as to the … [Read more...]

How Bad Do You Want Success?

We posted this video on our Facebook page a while back but I think it's worth re-posting here. At this time of year everyone is all about their goals, dreams and succeeding in a place where they may have never succeeded before. They've made plans to lose 40lbs or finally achieve a goal like my friend Meike! Goals are sometimes big and sometimes small but in the end, they all hold the same value and give the same feeling when they're achieved. This video is not of anyone I know personally … [Read more...]

Mindful Exercise: changing your approach to exercise and results!

Mindfulness is the practise where the person is intentional and aware of their actions. There has been a lot of success in psychology by training people to be less compulsive and automatic in their thoughts and actions; this has led to a decrease in mood disturbance and stress. How do we apply Mindfulness to Exercise? 1) Start off by clearing your mind before you exercise! Distractions and stresses in your life affect your physiology, weight retention, and performance. The moment you feel as if … [Read more...]

Should I workout today or not?

  I have a confession to make... I don't always want to workout. It's true. Some days I wake up at 6am (I workout in the mornings at Blitz Conditioning) and I would so much rather hit the snooze button and get that extra hour of sleep. Don't you? Well, for the past 2 weeks I've done just that. The last time I worked out was December 23, 2011. That means I haven't lifted a weight, done an ab crunch, a workout circuit or listend to Chris tell me to do 20 more seconds of the newest … [Read more...]