Beginners: How hard should you exercise?

Ah the million-dollar question. How hard do I train? How often? I have people ask me this question all the time - whether they are brand new to exercise, have been active for years, or have been sedentary for the last 12 months (deconditioned) . They all ask me - how often should I come in? How much should I be doing outside of our sessions? How fast should I increase the intensity? The answers to these questions are simple, but not that simple. There is a different answer to each of these … [Read more...]

How to find the “right” Personal Trainer

Edmonton Personal Trainer

Being a Personal Trainer myself, many might think that I have a biased opinion when it comes to making a choice between a gym membership and hiring a trainer. However, I really don't. I believe in being physically fit and staying healthy but in some cases, and for some people, one option can help you see better results and reach your goals sooner. The top 3 reasons I believe hiring a personal trainer over having a gym member ship are: Motivation: When working with a trainer he or she … [Read more...]

3 Common Misconceptions when Exercising for Weight Loss

As personal trainers, we are faced with a majority of people who come in to Blitz Conditioning with the goal of weight loss.  Let's face it, it's on most of our minds!  I thought I'd share three misconceptions that we often hear about here just to alleviate any concerns. 1) If I eat less then I'll weigh less: Definitely not the ideal method of weight loss.  Although people may see an initial weight loss from starvation, that soon stops.  The principle behind starvation techniques are that your … [Read more...]

The wonders of traditional chinese medicine

Are you looking for a safe, easy, effective and FREE way to treat high levels of stress, anxiety and panic on the spot? Well, you've got it, thanks to the wonders of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here’s how… Step 1: Turn your wrist so that it is facing you with the palm up. Step 2: Place the middle finger of your opposite hand in the middle of your wrist crease. Step 3: Drag your middle finger towards your body about 2 inches, staying in the middle of the wrist until you feel a tender … [Read more...]

Acupuncture Basics: What you need to know.

How does acupuncture work? From an Eastern perspective, acupuncture is meant to encourage the smooth flow of qi (energy) through the 14 channels (meridians) which surge through the body, each relating to a particular organ and/or bodily function. When this flow of energy is blocked somewhere along one or more of the channels, this obstruction is thought to manifest itself as illness or pain within the body. From a Western perspective, acupuncture works via the nervous system. When a needle … [Read more...]