Power Training: Bumping the Force/Velocity Curve

I wanted to give a little more detail about Power Training and Muscular Movember and how to properly structure an exercise plan around it. DISCLAIMER! Always make sure to properly warm up before starting your power program! ALWAYS! Try jogging for 10-15 minutes or perform dynamic stretches. (avoid static stretches that will cause the muscles to stretch out more, effecting your force production) Also make sure you are completely comfortable and familiar with power movements, or have a … [Read more...]

Muscular Movemeber, and the Moustaches of Power

Strengthtober comes has come to an end and Muscular Movember is now beginning! This month we will be diving into power training, and growing moustaches to raise money and awareness for men's health! Power training is great for most athletes to increase their speed, and ability to perform actions in their sport more efficiently.  Running faster, jumping higher, or shooting a puck harder all come from power training. As a warning: this style of training is for the more advanced, since if done … [Read more...]

Exercise and Prostate Cancer: what you need to know

Postate cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed male cancers.  Like all the other cancers it's caused by an uncontrollable growth of mis-shaped cells that have the potential to spread to the rest of the body.  Over the recent years research has shown that a healthy lifestyle including and lots of activity and proper nutrition can both lower the chances of prostate cancer and assist in both treatment and remission.  A review of 40 studies over the past 30 years  showed that higher activity … [Read more...]

Men’s Health Month: Nutrition and Fitness Info You Need to Know to About Prostate Cancer

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and the 6th most common cancer overall. Your diet and exercise choices can play a large role in these statistics. Here, Revive Wellness and Blitz Conditioning show you how. Nutrition It is important to look at the quality of the research studies completed before we can make bold statements about what we should and shouldn’t eat. While more research needs to be done, the evidence is strong … [Read more...]