Nothing comes easy. As long as you’re breathing you’re one step away form making your dreams a reality.

Nothing comes easy make every breath count

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Tracking your fit quest progress

Sweet Quote

The sun's out and the temperature's rising which means runners and walkers (not zombies) are showing up in the River Valley to shake off their winter rust. This beefy body of mine has joined the fray and conquered the devil's staircase (Royal Glenora Stairs) already for the first time this year. I'm not going to lie it feels pretty great. Physical activity is becoming a co-star in my life again and seeing/feeling progress is what keeps me going. Any change I notice can push me beyond what … [Read more...]

Let’s SPRING Into Action!


Now that Spring hath sprung who's ready to kick it up a notch? I SURE AM! Throughout winter, I trudged through literal and metaphorical snow and had a heck of a time getting motivated. I was like a bear. I slept, gained weight to survive and I kind of looked like this: Well now this big sexy bear has woke up from hibernation and it's time to kick some butt. Looking for some motivation? Here are Four Ways to a Fitness-Filled Spring Set a seasonal goal - Nothing can keep you … [Read more...]

Blitz & The Triforce of Power


Hey fit geeks! Whenever I look at the Blitz logo, something always pops out at me and if you enjoyed a certain Nintendo game then I'm sure it pops out at you too. This is the Triforce from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series: One of the most iconic symbols in all of video games, the Triforce consists of three distinct entities represented by the three smaller triangles. The triangles are referred to as the Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Wisdom, and the Triforce of Courage. The … [Read more...]

Getting Back in the Game

The Blitz Dream Team!

I have to be honest about something: I didn't workout AT ALL for the last two weeks of January. It's actually not that big of a secret. If you take a look at the January 30 Day Challenge board, you'll see that I kicked ass for the first two weeks. Four workouts per week? No problem. Owning it. Let's do this. And then, mid-January, a bunch of crazy things happened in my personal life. And those things hit me hard. I could barely keep up with work, school, and personal stuff, let alone early … [Read more...]

Don’t think of where you’ve been. Think of where you are going!


This blog is for people who have, or had, no confidence in their bodies. I was there once. I hated the way I looked and felt. This was me before (CLICK BELOW IF YOU DARE): I was a weezy, unhealthy mess of a man and the biggest life decisions I made was whether or not to eat McDonald's or Tony Roma's for dinner.  I was so focused on where I was that I never thought of where I could go. I had zero confidence in myself and wouldn't try anything because of a paralysing fear of … [Read more...]

The Little Things

Brittany Kustra Blitz Conditioning Edmonton

When I started working out with Chris, he asked me what my goals are. I have some lofty, long-term ones (that I’m not quite ready to share -- yet), but there was one specific goal I had in mind: make it through a Blitz Edmonton HIIT class without going on my knees for pushups (that includes regular pushups, army pushups, tricep pushups…oh man, Blitz makes us do a ton of different kinds of pushups). Well last Thursday at Amy’s 6 AM HIIT class, I accomplished that – almost. I did modify one set … [Read more...]

Injuries: Respect them, heal them, and then Crush your Goals!

Focusing and being consistent with your rehabilitation is paramount for recovery.

Happy New Year! We've all been there: had an injury of some sort - whether it was an ankle sprain, shin splints, muscle strain, etc. It's never fun to be injured, and as a personal trainer my mission is to help people learn to move properly to minimize their risk of injury. That being said, when we are constantly pushing our bodies to new limits and taking on more intense workouts and movements, the potential for injury increases. As our bodies become capable of more and more (which is … [Read more...]

Goal Setting Workshop


I am great at saying I’m going to lose X amount of weight by this time, or I’m going to do _______ next week/month/year and not doing it, I am also great at setting some goals and achieving them. So why is it that some goals/dreams/ideas you achieve and some you don’t? Over the last year or so I have fallen in love with Blitz and the community that has been built. We regularly talk about goals and I've been asked what my goals are but each time this has happened it has been a huge kick in the … [Read more...]

218.6: Choice and Opportunity


Yup. That's what my scale greeted me with this morning. 218.6-pounds. Not broken. Batteries not dead. No disputing it now… the fat is back. My reaction? Anger. Frustration. Disappointment. I was immediately pissed off and yelled expletives at myself in my head. Angry that in such a short time (roughly 5-months) I had managed to undo 3 years worth of work. Way to go dummy! All that hard work down the drain! Fat ass! You might as well have been eating Big Macs and potato chips again! … [Read more...]