GoPro Hero 6 Review: Is it the ultimate Christmas gift?

I have managed to head out on a lot of hiking and running trips this year with my cameras in tote. From the West Coast Trail to snowshoeing Kananaskis with our Blitzed Trail Running team, I've managed to shoot a few thousand frames and video hours of footage for both personal use and for commercial gigs with Blitz, CBC Edmonton, Sport Chek, Atmosphere, BCA Tours and Jasper Tourism. My job has taken me to some pretty amazing places and using photos and video as tools to tell stories has become a … [Read more...]

Nike Train Speed 4 Review: Run (Sort Of), Jump, Cut, Lift Repeat

I live my life in workout gear; from runners to merino wool tops it's a pretty comfortable place to be. Over the past few months I have been testing the Nike Speed Training 4 shoes thanks to Sport Chek for all manners of workouts: HIIT Boxing Parkour Plyometrics Callisthenics Weight Lifting All of these movements have put the shoes to their limits. I have worn a lot of cross training shoes but none that none that worked so well in … [Read more...]

Under Armour Nobreaks ColdGear Infrared Men’s Reflective Jacket Review

I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to men’s winter running jackets and shells as I don’t fit the stereotypical runner’s body. I’m not a 5’7” tall guy with a slender physique, quite the opposite, I’m a 5’2” muscular guy who fills a tight fitted jacket looking like a water balloon. I was pleasantly surprised when I recieved the Under Armour Nobreaks ColdGear® Infrared Men's Reflective Jacket from Sport Chek! How I wore it: 1) Outer Shell: - I could wear the jacket as in … [Read more...]