Chris’ Bench Workout

Bench Workout

We should've probably labeled this as: how to use a bench for everything but what it's supposed to be used for...   … [Read more...]

Sid’s Inline Skating Workout

Sid-inline-skating-workout-150x150 Sid is preparing for his first inline skating marathon.  Check out part of his weekly workout regimen!   … [Read more...]

Booty Workout

Amy Coppens Glute Workout Lots of glute activation in this video, that's why Amy is doing a lot of half movements. As soon as the pressure transfers from the glutes to the hamstrings Amy stands back up. … [Read more...]

Cool core workout!

Brett Kirkland Core Workout

Here's a really neat core workout that you can do. Do one set per side and then take a bit of a rest and repeat! … [Read more...]

How To Do: High Pull (Video)

Steve Moore High Pull Video Blitz Conditioning

This is the first step in the progression for a kettlebell snatch. It looks easy, but the tricky part is not letting the kettlebell flip over. It's important to keep your elbow high, and use your legs to make it a quick motion. Here is how to do it: Start with the kettlebell between your feet Squat down and grab the kettlebell Explode up, through the hips (focus on squeezing the glutes) On the way up think of pulling the kettlebell high leading with your elbow As if you were going to … [Read more...]

How To Do: Kettlebell Clean (Video)

Steven Moore Blitz Conditioning Kettle Bell Clean

This is a great basic move to learn for kettlebells. From the clean you can get into a lot of different moves, so it really is a good basic move to know. Be sure to master this one with a good squat, a nice straight back, and without bashing your forearm with the kettlebell. Here is the step-by-step of how to do it: Start light until you get the technique down! Start with the kettlebell between your feet Squat down and grab the kettlebell with one hand Explode up making sure to shoot … [Read more...]

Steve’s a #Nerd4Fitness & TECHNOLOGY

Dumbell Swings

I don't know about you fine folks, but scheduling a workout around everyday shenanigans can prove quite difficult for me. Things go along swimmingly when suddenly the Real World, that crazy ol' kook, knocks on your door and throws your whole day off in a tizzy. Working out is like an L-shaped tetris block. If you can finagle it around a few things, your life becomes perfectly aligned and you get those much-needed bonus points. Technology has been my best friend when it comes to the fine … [Read more...]

How To Do: Kettlebell Clean and Press

Steve Moore Blitz Conditioning Kettlebell Clean and Press

This is a great move to help build both endurance, and power. Since there is a double squat motion, both used to help make the move faster, and easier it is very taxing on the whole body. Make sure you have the kettlebell clean down first, because you want this whole move to be quick. You will not get the benefits of this exercise if you do it slowly.Here is how you do it: Start with the kettlebell between your feet Perform a clean At the top of the clean squat back down Try to make it … [Read more...]

How To Do: Tactical Lunge

Steve Moore Tactical Lunge

This is a great exercise to help work on coordination, and to make you think about getting deep into the squat. The deep part is important because you do not want your back to round, top or bottom, when you pass the kettlebell under your leg. It will also help with balance since the weight is all to one side of the body. Here is how to do it: Start by holding the kettlebell to one side of your body Step forward into a lunge When you reach the bottom range make sure you are deep Pass … [Read more...]

How To Do: Bent Over Row (Video)

Steve Moore Bent Over Row Blitz Conditioning

This is an exercise I see a lot of people doing wrong at bigger gyms where people are allowed to do what ever they like. Done properly you should really feel it in the latismus dorsi (lat) that is being work, as well as the transverse abdominus (core). The reason you should feel it in the core is because you should be maintaining a nice flat back, and not rotating. Here is how you do it: Start by getting into proper position Same hand, and leg on the bench, back flat (both forward, and … [Read more...]