3 Common Misconceptions when Exercising for Weight Loss

As personal trainers, we are faced with a majority of people who come in to Blitz Conditioning with the goal of weight loss.  Let's face it, it's on most of our minds!  I thought I'd share three misconceptions that we often hear about here just to alleviate any concerns. 1) If I eat less then I'll weigh less: Definitely not the ideal method of weight loss.  Although people may see an initial weight loss from starvation, that soon stops.  The principle behind starvation techniques are that your … [Read more...]

Mindful Exercise: changing your approach to exercise and results!

Mindfulness is the practise where the person is intentional and aware of their actions. There has been a lot of success in psychology by training people to be less compulsive and automatic in their thoughts and actions; this has led to a decrease in mood disturbance and stress. How do we apply Mindfulness to Exercise? 1) Start off by clearing your mind before you exercise! Distractions and stresses in your life affect your physiology, weight retention, and performance. The moment you feel as if … [Read more...]

Side Lunge Rotation to Single Leg Hop

It's Wednesday and that means it's time to get your blood pumping! We've been scouring the internet for some great video resources to share with you in the coming weeks and stumbled on this great one by Nike Women. This Side Lunge Rotation to Single Leg Hop exercise works the whole body, increasing your heart rate; plus, it works your concentration and agility. It's perfect for warming up and kicking off a training session! Next time you're in at Blitz Conditioning or at the gym, give this … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Keep Going!

It's mid January!  How are your fitness goals going? Believe it or not but at this time in the month many people start giving up on their fitness goals. They are back at work, into their regular routine and find that no matter how excited they were to really get in shape this year, they just don't have time. Well, I don't subscribe to that at all. I believe that everyone has it in them to keep focused and achieve their fitness and health goals! So, I've put together my 7 tips to keeping that … [Read more...]

Metabolic Workouts: why use it and how!

Tired of heading to the gym and doing the same old thing?  Stuck in a fitness rut or weight plateau?  Here's a new way you can kick your workout routine up a notch! What is Metabolic Training: This methodology involves whole body, compound exercises done with little rest in between sets.  Metabolic training leads to maximal calorie burn during and after a workout.  You'll be burning energy long after your workouts!  We use whole body workouts at Blitz Conditioning quite frequently but also … [Read more...]

How the Weider Brother’s Reaffirmed My Calling

 I read "Brothers of Iron: Building the Weider Empire" authored by Joe Weider, Ben Weider and Arnold Schwarzenegger when I was twenty.  This was THE autobiography that affirmed my passion not only to own a fitness business but to put myself in a position that I would be able to pursue all of my interests.  Joe and Ben Weider grew up as two dirt poor kids in Montreal and they eventually started and legitimized bodybuilding and created one of the most strongest fitness brands, "Weider", that … [Read more...]

Fitness and Perserverance

I just ran across this story about Alison McWeeny and I thought I'd share it.  Alison was a track athlete and an avid power-lifter; she had an unfortunate boating accident in 2009 that led to the amputation of her left leg.  Instead of giving up, Alison decided to still pursue her passion and continue power-lifting, competing and also to finish her degree in Physical Education.  Her perseverance and willpower led to her being able to compete again and perform a one legged deadlift with … [Read more...]

3 Keys To Getting Back In The Gym

1. Go to the gym on Mondays Starting your week on the right foot makes it so much easier to stick to your plan! 2. Never skip the gym two days in a row It is so easy to fall out of a routine if it is not done every other day. 3. You have time! Even if it's only a 30 minute workout that's 30 minutes more then you would have done. If you only have time for a short workout plan to do big full body movements. You will hit all your big muscle groups and burn more calories. … [Read more...]

How do you approach your personal success?

  Success is in hindsight.  We can never say that we have succeeded unless we've journeyed through a daily grind, sometimes fighting against all odds to achieve a goal.  At Blitz, we make effort the driver to the vehicle that is our passion. What's your goal this year? Post it below and let me know how I can help make it happen for you. … [Read more...]

New Years Resolution: Seek Fulfilment.

I hope your holiday season was restful and filled with great memories! It's that time of year again: Resolutions. Whether it's heading back to the gym, learning a new hobby, reconnecting with friends and family or everything in between, it's this time of year that forces us to focus on goals for the next 12 months. About half of us are destined to make some sort of resolution or goal but lets be frank; only approximately half of the resolutions will make it past the six month period. Shocked? … [Read more...]