Trail Running Races in Edmonton

Mill Creek Ravine Edmonton

There are a growing number of trail races in Edmonton. We have over 160 km of multi-use trails so runners are taking advantage of them and competing to see who can become the fastest cross country runner in the city! Here are a few links to some companies who host trail races: Frank McNamara Races: Wednesdays at 6:00 pm - Various Locations: United Cycle Runs: Tuesdays at 6:00 pm - Various … [Read more...]

Boost your running efficiency with this post run band workout


The workout below is designed to work on strengthening common underactive muscles in runners. Strengthening these muscles can help to avoid injury and improve running efficiency.  Here you can find another runner specific workout I created. Running long distances can put a lot of stress on the body. As you tack on the kilometers your body starts to lose form and efficiency when you begin to fatigue; which is often where overuse injuries come from. Adding a cross training routine can be said … [Read more...]

April 6 Global TV Edmonton Segment: Exercises you can do with a towel.

V sit to Row with towel.jpg

If you have been looking for pieces of equipment you can add to your home gym, you may have noticed that the prices can skyrocket! Dumbbells cost at least one dollar per pound of weight, elastic bands can cost upwards of $25 per band depending on the resistance, and even gliders can cost upwards of five dollars per glider! At Blitz we're all about adaptation. You don't need the most fancy piece of equipment, you can make due. Gliders or sliders were initially brought on as piece of … [Read more...]

Learning Opportunities: My Journey to the Boston Marathon

Beto Bustos United Cycle.png

Every moment presents an opportunity to learn, grow and evaluate. My journey to the Boston Marathon has been no exception. From the much talked about “listening to your body” components, to program designs, to nutrition, I have had subtle and not-so-subtle reminders of each. Some made significant impact while others I interpreted as soft guidelines (a.k.a. my continual over consumption of peanut butter). During this training cycle, one memory stands out among the rest. It happened a few … [Read more...]

Adventures with the Trek Farley 5

Trek Farley 5 Chris 01.jpg

Fatbikes are becoming an all too common bike here in Edmonton. As this category of bike develops we're seeing a multitude of modifications; from suspension to even wider tires, it seems like the possibilities are endless. I managed to pick up the Trek Farley 5 from United Cycle this past week and take it on a few trips in order to compare it with my previous fatbike riding experience. The biggest difference between the Trek Farley 5 2016 and the Specialized Blizzard 2015 editions is the width of … [Read more...]

Skiing like Mike: Returning to skiing as an adult beginner brings back the fun.


There are a lot of reasons not to ski. But Mike Cotfas’s excuse is one of the better ones I’ve heard. In grade 6, Mike went skiing with his school. Somehow, he went A/T (that’s A over T, as in ass over teakettle) and wound up lacerating his head—this was in the days before ski helmets. He had to go to the hospital for six stitches, the first three or four of which he felt as they were being done because the local freezing hadn’t quite taken. “I think my dad’s hand had some crushed bones,” … [Read more...]

Boston Around The Corner.


Tomorrow will mark six-weeks to the Boston Marathon. That means five more long runs, eleven more speed workouts and more than 500 kilometers to log before the big day. This is the point in training where you start to really ramp up. Every run becomes more intense, every workout is harder than the last and a big part of you wants to “just get it over with”. Yesterday’s run was a humble reminder of that. After a last minute 48-hour trip to Regina, I arrived back in Edmonton at 7:50 a.m. (A … [Read more...]

Axes and Allies: reviewing Axe Hole Edmonton.

Axe Hole YEG

Axes have always had a certain level of bad-assery. Think about it, the only time you need an axe is when you're making a fire, building a log cabin or a lean-to, or traipsing through the woods in flannel, jeans, and a pair of beaten up leather boots. There's something raw and empowering about holding an axe but why stop there? Throw it. Axe Hole is one of two indoor axe throwing centres in Edmonton and it is fun for all ages! Garrette McGowan and myself went last weekend and had an absolute … [Read more...]

Full body exercises you can do with one weight.

One Arm Squat Shoulder Press 02.jpg

We love single weighted exercises here at Blitz!  Whether it's in a HIIT class or personal training single weight movements are great to incorporate into any workout because they provide a more dynamic core workout, can reduce muscular imbalances, and add a different challenge! Here are the exercises that we talked about on Global TV in the morning. There are many ways of creating a great workout circuit with the exercises: you can do all of the exercises on one side first and then the opposite … [Read more...]

Bust A Move 2016 – Volunteer to move and groove with us!


We're excited to be rockin' another workout this year at Bust A Move! It's our third year leading one of the six hours of fitness fun and we want to make it the best year possible. BaM is raising funds for breast cancer research at the Cross Cancer Institute and every participant has raised a minimum of $1000 to sweat it out with six different fitness styles. Blitz has been devoting our Friday night Karma classes to the cause, all the proceeds of the class go directly to the event and we will … [Read more...]