Fall Canoeing and Kayaking in Edmonton (and ways of renting them)


It's my favorite time of year! There is something about the fall colors, crunchy leaves, and that wonderful smell that makes hanging out in the outdoors so appealing. Although the scenery is awesome, we do begin to limit our activities; especially water sports. Instead of spending the last few weeks of warmth landlocked head out on a kayak or a canoe. These paddle powered crafts are great ways of exploring the changing landscape and there are plenty of ways of borrowing one without sinking your … [Read more...]

The Running Crews of Edmonton

Run All City Crew

Running has become an integral part of many Edmontonian's lives; just look at the sheer number of running-based events every weekend and you would think that every single person in the city runs! The rising popularity of the sport has also led to the development of running groups. Call them tribes, teams, crews, or collectives, these groups have assembled to share their passion for pavement, dirt, and friendship. Think of this as a healthy substitute for sitting around at a restaurant or pub - … [Read more...]

Leah’s Goodbye.

Walterdale Bridge Run Collective

I don’t believe that anything happens by accident. I don’t think I really believe in divine energy or fate or anything like that, either, I just think that generally you end up where you need to be. Somehow. When I was twenty-two I didn’t get a job that I was convinced I was perfect for. I still maintain I was perfect for it (of course I do), but not getting that job made it so when HIV Edmonton came knocking, I could say “yes”. By saying “yes” I opened myself up to be changed in the most … [Read more...]

Funky Fork Catering at Blitz!


Hi everyone, I’m Erin and I’m really excited to be working alongside the amazing people at Blitz Conditioning. As a Red Seal Chef and educator in NAIT’s Culinary Continued Education Program, I have had the opportunity to teach people kitchen skills and share my love of food. I’ve always enjoyed pleasing friends and family with tasty treats such as Cupcakes and Banana Brie French toast. Unfortunately tasty doesn’t always mean healthy. As an extremely active individual, whether I’m training for a … [Read more...]

We’re Five Years Old!


It's been five years since we opened our doors. Five years since we left the comfort, security, and stability of our previous professions and fitness companies to pursue our vision of a fitness community. Blitz has brought a different kind of unknown to my life, a different way of being scared. I wake up every morning knowing that I have full control over EVERY single aspect of my success and more especially that of my team and those that I influence. The fear of failing at the pursuit of … [Read more...]

Sedentary behavior and stress: how movement affects your mood.


We've all experience these: seemingly impossible deadlines, packed schedules, all leading to an inability to fit in a workout. We become one giant ball of stress ready to explode like a packed keg with a fuse the size of the tip of a pencil. Over time we find ourselves over stressed, and feeling down. There have been quite a few population-based studies asking questions about sedentary behavior and mood there have been few studies looking at how inactivity chemically affects mood until … [Read more...]

Edmonton’s Hidden Trail Running Gems: second edition.

Strathcona Science Park Edmonton

The weather was absolutely incredible in August here in Edmonton and I definitely took advantage of it! Lower water tables in the North Saskatchewan are concerning for some but they also open up a multitude of new paths to explore and incredible views. Let this settle in: Edmonton's River Valley is twelve times the size of New York's Central Park. So tell the next person who says that this city is boring to get lost, literally. There's so much to discover. In my last blog post I shared five … [Read more...]

My first Half Ironman – Expect the Unexpected

61086494-750_8563 - Copy

  I did it, I completed my first Half Ironman Triathlon! A Half IM includes a 2Km open water swim, 90Km bike, and a 21.1Km run (a half marathon). As expected, the race was both physically and emotionally draining, but for the first time in a race I experienced both incredible highs and humbling/miserable lows. As my longest endurance race, a major part of my preparation for the Great White North Triathlon (GWN) involved educating myself on my body’s energy systems, and how to … [Read more...]

Hidden Gems of Edmonton and Area: Trail Running Edition.

Strathcona Science Park Archaeological Site sunset

Here are some of my favorite runs and trail systems I've discovered in and around the Edmonton region as featured on CBC Radio Edmonton AM.  Far too often we confine ourselves to what we know, but trail running has taught me to explore more, forget about pace and finishing times, and really go out and have fun! These maps will give you some ideas of different places to explore in the city but they should hopefully encourage you discover other places for yourself. Some of these areas area a … [Read more...]

Kickin’ @$$ and making gains:


We are all working out with a goal in mind. To achieve your goal by controlling every aspect on your path to achieve your goal is nearly impossible. Simplifying as many pieces as possible we will make the long, uphill battle, manageable. Here are a few tips and tricks that can lead you to the promise land. Perception/ Mindset: How you perceive your exercise can provide additional health accommodations. Harvard University conducted a study on this subject, “…The informed group perceived … [Read more...]