Knowing Your Product

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No matter what industry you are in, product knowledge is critical. How can you discuss your business with clients, customers or colleagues without knowing exactly what your product is? Let’s keep this simple and use examples we can all relate to – food and clothes. It is Saturday night; you are heading out for dinner with a group of friends. Unanimously, you agree to try the new restaurant everyone has been raving about because you have the opportunity to try a variety of items and get the … [Read more...]

Hidden running trails of Edmonton: Downtown Edition

Bird House Trail Henrietta Louise Edwards Park Edmonton Trail .jpg

I've said this countless times: I take mini vacations every time I run on trails. It's great to take time off and take a trip, but when the schedule is hectic  a quick dive in the woods to chill and relax is priceless. I have had a few requests for quick trail trips that are a few steps away from downtown so here it is. My two points of advice for running during this time of year: Gear Up: Some of these trails are a bit slick so make sure you tread lightly and grab a good set of trail shoes … [Read more...]

Strength Training for Cross Country Skiing


I love winter. I believe that Edmonton is one of the most fortunate cities to live in when it comes to winter. Yes it can last for many months, but the season brings countless sunny days and access to a totally different set of sports and activities. My intent this season is to learn how to, and take a deep dive into cross country skiing; many of our parks and running trails turn into cross country ski tracks in the winter so it's a great way to keep exploring! Cross country skiing is one of … [Read more...]

Get a grip: climbing gyms of Edmonton.

Rock Jungle Edmonton Climbing.jpg

I remember when Vertically Inclined first opened up in Edmonton in the 90's and I begged my parents to go. To no avail it was too far away from so I didn't have a chance to scale those walls. Flash forward to six months ago and for some reason it finally dawned on me that I lived only a few blocks away from my childhood dream of ascending dizzying heights through clouds of chalk! Climbing has become one of my favourite sports. It forces me to unplug from everything and focus purely on technique … [Read more...]

You’re Invited! Off Season Training Program For Runners

Erin Shaw off season Conditioning running.jpg

Hello! For those who don't know me my name is Erin Shaw and I am a personal trainer at Blitz Conditioning. Since working as a trainer I have worked with various individuals that are runners (short and long distances), and I have provided them with their cross training for days they do not run. Because of my job as an observer I get to see what  clients sticking points are or what training compensations they have, first hand, and develop their programs with the ultimate goal of improvement in … [Read more...]

Running: The Importance of Muscle Activation and Utilizing Your Off-Season

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Running- like any sport- requires your body to have a well-built foundation in order for you to keep excelling at the sport. What I mean by a well-built foundation is having a strong and powerful kinetic chain that works together to improve your overall performance. Most athletes have the tools or knowledge they require to advance within their sport, but many of us are stubborn and our time is valuable. We spend so much time practicing our actual sport that sometimes stretching, rolling and … [Read more...]

Cyclo-cross: what’s that road bike doing on trails?!?


This week on CBC Edmonton AM I talked about the sport of cyclo-cross. If you have been on any of the trails in Edmonton you have probably had a double take when something resembling a speed bike came tearing past. These horned handled speedsters with knobby tires may look like a new sport but hybrid bikes have been around longer than mountain bikes. The sport has been around since the early 1900's and has always included plenty of obstacles like snow, mud, sand, logs, and all matters of crazy … [Read more...]

What it means to be a lean start-up: insight into the workings of Blitz

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I will be the first to admit that a post from me is long overdue. I have been consumed with a lot of reading about start-ups and what we can do to further develop our business. I didn’t think there was much to write about that would be of interest to our readers until Chris wrote about the five-year anniversary. A light bulb went off that connected all the articles, books and journals I have read to what we stand for at Blitz and “how we put the muscle in the community”. Five years in business, … [Read more...]

Fall Canoeing and Kayaking in Edmonton (and ways of renting them)


It's my favorite time of year! There is something about the fall colors, crunchy leaves, and that wonderful smell that makes hanging out in the outdoors so appealing. Although the scenery is awesome, we do begin to limit our activities; especially water sports. Instead of spending the last few weeks of warmth landlocked head out on a kayak or a canoe. These paddle powered crafts are great ways of exploring the changing landscape and there are plenty of ways of borrowing one without sinking your … [Read more...]

The Running Crews of Edmonton


Running has become an integral part of many Edmontonian's lives; just look at the sheer number of running-based events every weekend and you would think that every single person in the city runs! The rising popularity of the sport has also led to the development of running groups. Call them tribes, teams, crews, or collectives, these groups have assembled to share their passion for pavement, dirt, and friendship. Think of this as a healthy substitute for sitting around at a restaurant or pub - … [Read more...]