Stay Motivated with a Race!


Hey gang, Sarah Meier here, one of Blitz Conditioning’s newest Trainers! Over the past three years I have been leading fitness classes at a variety of gyms, as well as volunteer instructing at the Don Wheaton YMCA for the past year. I have also been a long time Blitz community member, so it has been incredibly exciting watching Blitz grow over the years! Now I am thrilled to be apart of the Blitz team and I love starting my Thursdays leading your morning Blitz HIIT class! It is inspiring seeing … [Read more...]

Blitz Obstacle Challenge!

You won't be getting this dirty we promise!

As Erika mentioned last week we've had a resounding demand to bring back our challenges. Instead of the traditional 30 day challenge, we are taking it up a notch and making it a team event. Between July 15 and August 15th your team will accumulate as many points as possible by attending group classes (HIIT and Spin). One class equals one point for your team. Each point is 2 seconds off your obstacle race time on August 16th. The more classes you attend as a team, the better chance you have of … [Read more...]

Running, Running and More Running


Recognizing Edmonton summers are truly the best, I thought I’d let you in on my plans for the season: running. I enjoy waking up with the summer sun (sometimes before it) to get in a speed workout. I enjoy planning my weekends around a Saturday morning long run. I’ve learned how to properly use my Garmin watch. I’ve learned I am not blister-proof. I’ve learned peanut butter flavoured gels are not a good idea. And I’ve learned of routes through beautiful parts of Edmonton I never knew existed. … [Read more...]


Bring 110 Blitz Conditioning web

It has been a busy month at Blitz and I suspect this momentum won’t be slowing down anytime soon. If we aren’t building new studios, riding through the province on a tandem bike, or making your muscles burn in preparation for short-shorts and the sleeves-option season – then we aren’t doing our job. Every time I walk by the HIIT studio I can hear our instructors pushing you through tough workouts that sound a little more challenging every day. I see sweat on the floor, exhausted but … [Read more...]

Beyond the Dairy Aisle

accessed June 9, 2015

To consume dairy, or not to consume dairy is a fiercely debated topic. Of all the food groups, few elicit as much controversy as dairy. In regards to human health, dairy foods bring up any number of concerns. Yes, cows milk is high in calcium, but whether a diet high in dairy calcium protects you against osteoporosis or any other disease is a matter of considerable debate. (Calcium isn't the only nutrient that counts. There is no hierarchy of essential nutrients, but if you listen to dairy … [Read more...]

Pushing Past Plateaus and Avoiding Injuries


Whether you are a runner, a weight lifter, play a specific sport, or just exercise to be healthy (the list goes on) every now and again it is important to change up your fitness routine or add different styles of training in the mix. Most people are creatures of habit and will fall into the same workout style because it is what they like to do, myself included. I want to say that there is no issue with finding your passion (I am truly an advocate for that), but different training styles should … [Read more...]

Blitz Bootcamp

Ezio Farone Park Bootcamp

It's safe to say that summer in Edmonton has arrived! What I love most about summertime in Edmonton, especially in the downtown area, is the huge increase in people getting outside and getting active! Our beautiful city has so much to offer us, and it is great to see people taking advantage of it. I've gotten into the habit of trading the gym for the great outdoors, and what started as a feeble attempt at getting a tan has gradually been gaining momentum; It started with inviting a few … [Read more...]

Rolling into the first few weeks.

Blitz Laptop

The first few weeks of being an official co-owner at Blitz has come and gone. I cannot believe the amount of support, congratulations and excitement that I have received from the community. I will say it time and time again - Edmonton is the only place I could make this possible and I have all of you to thank. As you can imagine, these weeks have been filled with a lot of great conversations between Brett, Chris and I around “who we are” and “what we want to be known for”. I have learned a … [Read more...]

The food that fuels us


There’s really no other way to say it. We love to eat. Food is something we’re both pretty into and, as runners, we can eat a lot of it. We tend to eat fairly healthy simple meals during the week and will then often go out for dinner on the weekend. Breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you better fucking eat it. Bircher Muesli is basically oats soaked overnight in liquid (we use coconut water or the real cow milk stuff cause we like it). Because you make the Bircher the … [Read more...]

209 km of Lessons Learned.

Mec Run St Albert

Last month, I made a slightly crazy promise to run 200 km to Caitlin and Craig. 200 km meant that I would donate $200 to Joel's family and that both of these wonderful people would be matching me dollar for dollar.  Well 209 kilometers later I'm happy to say that this month has been a challenging but amazing adventure. I figured I'd make this blog a photographic journal of my runs, the amazing people I got to know, and the causes I supported. Over the past month I might have had three runs that … [Read more...]