CTV Morning Live – Park Bench Workout!!

We were extremely excited to be back on CTV this morning showcasing some great exercises that could spice up your run or any outdoor workout using a park bench. We all know how us Albertans love to take full advantage of our summers so why not get out and get active. Try out this circuit as a way to finish your fun in the sun. Bench Step-up A very simple exercise that will help build that bubble butt you have always wanted.  Make sure to keep all your weight through your heel and focus … [Read more...]

CTV Morning Live – Blitz Booty Bootcamp 30 minutes of Fitness!

This morning Sarah and I were on CTV news showcasing some exercises that you would see in our Booty Bootcamp! The Booty Bootcamp class is a women's only class that is 30minutes a day 5 days a week. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise everyday can reap some amazing fitness benefits. It is a great class for that woman on the GO that sometimes struggles to find time to fit in a fitness regime. It is a class that is also a great supplement to your current … [Read more...]

CTV Partner Workouts

We were on CTV morning live today with Rob Williams showing some awesome resistant band partner workouts. This is not the first time we have showcased resistance bands on CTV. They are an amazing dynamic piece of equipment that can be used for any fitness levels. The bands come in all different kinds of tension so they are great for everybody. At Blitz Conditioning we find partner training session can work the best for many clients. Having a friend there to support and push you can get you … [Read more...]

Top 3 Exercises Everyone Should Do.

Amy and I were on CTV Morning Live today showcasing my top 3 exercises everyone should know how to do. These are exercises that you would expect to see in our HIIT classes or our free classes. They really focus on your core, legs, back and will help improve your cardio! The first exercise is a plank; this is one of the most basic core exercises and also one of the most important! This exercise works your inner core (transverse abdominus) and will really help strengthen your whole body. Always … [Read more...]

TRX Workout on CTV Edmonton with Craig Larkins

We were on CTV again this morning with Craig Larkins putting him through a tough TRX workout! TRX is a suspension device that uses gravity and your own body weight to put you through an intense workout.  It is a great resistance training method that is a great alternative to your typical dumbbell exercises. The circuit we put Craig through is going hit large muscle groups like core, legs, chest and back. TRX Push-up Pike- Start with both your feet in the harness of the TRX in a push-up … [Read more...]

CTV Resistance Cable Workout!

We were back on CTV this morning showing an awesome resistance cable circuit that you can do anywhere. These bands or cables come in all different kinds of heaviness so they are great for all fitness levels! Another huge positive to the bands is they are very affordable. The bands are light and easy to travel with so there is no excuse not to get your workout in on the road. The cables can be tied to any steady object or door. We took Craig through four full body exercises that will get your … [Read more...]

Working out in the Heat

    All of you Edmontonians know how crazy-hot it's been during last week and I know there are many of us who rely on outdoor workouts for the summer.  We were on CTV this morning to give you some tips on how to workout in the heat and what measures to take before heading outside. Hydrate! This is so important. Plan ahead before your workout and make sure to drink plenty of water. About two hours before you start it would be a good idea to drink something containing … [Read more...]

CTV Summer Arm Workout!

We were on CTV Morning Live today and took one of our amazing clients through a functional arm workout. It is summer time and lots of people like to wear their tank tops and show off their arms! We are going to show you today how you can tone those arms but still get a full body workout! Your arms are made up of three major muscles groups: shoulders (deltoids) guns (biceps aka front of your arms) horse shoe (triceps aka the back of your arms) Each of these exercises are going to … [Read more...]

CTV Medicine Ball Circuit

As some of you guys may have seen we were on CTV Morning Live today and we put Craig Larkins through pretty simple medicine ball core circuit. This circuit is going to involve both your transverse abdominis and your rectus abdominis. Your transverse abdominis is the deepest layer of the abdominal wall and the main muscle that you will want work to strengthen your whole core, plank is a great way to do this. Your rectus abdominis (the six pack muscle) is large muscle in the front of your abdomen, … [Read more...]

Kettlebells on CTV Morning Live

Kettlebell Swing Position 2

As some of you guys may have seen we were on CTV Morning Live today! We took Craig through a quick kettlebell circuit demonstrating 4 basic kettlebell exercises. Kettlebells have been around for about 350 years and in 1948 kettlebell lifting became the Soviet Union’s National Sport. Clearly something that has been around for that long must have some pretty big benefits! The 4 exercises we did with Craig were: Kettlebell Swing: During a swing you want generate all your power through your … [Read more...]