The #BlitzFit Photo and Video Challenge: Win a Nike Fuel Band!

Our last #BlitzFit photo challenge was a roaring success, we enjoyed all the pictures that were sent to us on our Instagram account so much that we decided to start another one that’s even bigger and better! Our next challenge will span over a month from Tuesday July 16, 2013 to August 15, 2013.  We’ll be posting challenges on our Instagram and Twitter accounts daily ranging from challenges like: “Take a picture of yourself running outside.” OR “Have a friend take a video of you doing a frog … [Read more...]

Social media can get you into shape

It all started with a tweet... Which moved on to filling my Twitter inbox with DM's of people wanting to sweat with us a Blitz Conditioning!!! So, in all the excitement we've decided to extend the 10 person limit I initially tweeted out to 15 people!! So friends, tweeters and future group class is a list of the people that got back my tweet and will get free access to any and all group classes at Blitz Conditioning for the month of July 2012. Meaghan … [Read more...]