Avoid Summer Injuries with Preventative Maintenance

With its warm temperatures and thriving greenery, summertime has a knack for kick-starting us to get motivated and to get moving. For many of us, running outdoors feels only natural. Like an unquenchable thirst, we are left feeling dry and depleted if we do not drink (or in this case, run).  For others, the act becomes a new journey inwards towards resilience and self-discovery. The physical endurance certainly plays an important role, but it is the mental endurance that becomes the most … [Read more...]

Bring balance to your life with the Yin/ Yang Theory:

    What is Yang Energy: As your "fiery energy", Yang is the action behind every process between your mind and body; it drives and motivates all your emotional , physical, and spiritual decisions. All decisions, from a the abilities of your jumping body to the speed of your functioning nervous system, are considered to be Yang energy. What is Yin Energy: Yin, our "restorative energy", allows our mind-body to slow down, relax, and rest. Yin energy are encompasses the elements … [Read more...]

Chasing the Miracle

During Infertility Awareness Week across Canada, we are reminded of how many women and their partners are affected by this disease. While such a diagnosis is disheartening at best, there remains a multitude of various options to exhaust before many women might lose hope of conceiving. A very wise, old woman once said to me: “Do not quit before the miracle happens.” Western Medicine remains very successful regarding diagnosis, surgery and symptomatic therapy, but the gentle subtleties of … [Read more...]

The Yin/Yang Test Answers Revealed!

  (If you haven't taken our popular Yin/Yang Test yet, just go back through our blogs. It will help you discover your personal Traditional Chinese Medicine constitution and what you can do to help bring balance to your body.) If you are Qi Deficient: - Drink 2-4 cups of green tea daily (If you prefer decaf, it works the same) - Increase your vitamin C intake. The recommended daily dose is 90-100mg/day, but feel free to make significant increase when your immune system is weak. … [Read more...]

Exhausted? Here’s Your Plan of Attack!

  You're hitting the snooze button on repeat, and spend the day as a walking, talking zombie. You're chronically exhausted, you're emotionally taxed out, and you consistently experience mood swings, bursts of anger, frustration and/or tears. In our crazy, non-stop society, there are countless things that can sabotage our energy reserves. Common “energy-sucks” (as I favorably call them) are as follows… - Improper or irregular diet (Those who avoid breakfast: TAKE NOTE!) - … [Read more...]

Take the Yin/Yang TEST

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is governed by a balance between yin (cooling energy) and yang (fiery energy). When these two polarities become unbalanced, there are a variety of different patterns that can manifest depending upon the individual constitution of that particular person. Which one are you? Qi Deficient (Energy Deficient): Do you constantly feel tired and weak? Are you experiencing slight shortness of breath? Do you tend to have a weak and quiet voice? Do you ever notice … [Read more...]

How Acupuncture Really Works?

While I personally love the description that acupuncture works “like magic,” I always make a point of communicating the scientific reasoning behind the needling. Let's break it all down! The Science: 1.     The insertion of very fine needles beneath skin’s surface cause an excitatory effect on the nerves in that area, activating what we commonly refer to as a “neural response.” This neural response is often described as a sensation of heaviness, a mild tingle or a very dull ache. When the … [Read more...]

Are You a Slave to Your Addictions?

Acupuncture is rapidly gaining notoriety as an effective treatment for all kinds of addictions ranging from smoking and over-eating all the way to hard drugs and alcohol. Supporting this claim are the many public-funded acupuncture detoxification programs scattered throughout the US, Toronto and Vancouver. It all started in 1974 at the Lincoln Memorial Hospital in New York, where a very specific acupuncture protocol (NADA technique) was being used as an adjunct therapy to the methadone the … [Read more...]

Find your Perfect Balance with the Chakra System

Eastern thinking teaches that the human body is comprised of seven energetic centers called chakras. Each chakra is believed to represent its own physical mental, emotional and spiritual components and is thought to contain life lessons and challenges meant to enlighten us along our path to discovering our True Self. The Chakra system is an archetype of individual growth through seven stages, with the mastering of each stage representing the path towards greater knowledge, self-awareness and … [Read more...]

Acupuncture for Pregnancy Part One: Conception and Fertility

A great many people like to think of this stage as the “fun” part of trying for a baby! However, for a lot of soon-to-be parents, this phase can be the most challenging and frustrating part of the baby-making cycle. There are, of course, various reasons as to why oftentimes couples find themselves feeling stressed and overwhelmed while trying to conceive.  It could be that they simply have not fallen pregnant as quickly as they would have imagined, and become nervous as they start to wonder … [Read more...]