Carlos’ 90 Day Challenge, week 5: Me Time…

Carlos Cuevas Week 5I’m gonna go all Quentin Tarantino on this blog… I’m gonna give you a few lines about something regarding to the end of my post, then I’m going to rewind and start the story.

I was doing my last set of repetition with some weights, realizing that the number on those weights had increased to 25 lbs each weight in under 2 weeks that I started doing weight training. Then I started to realize that…

The week had started like any other week… I was excited to go to the station and get stuff done. Then the emails, last minute edits, last minute request, and having to plan for everything that has to get done while I’m gone for holidays all happened at the same time. The work load seemed to be increasing rather than decreasing, even after working at 100 miles an hour. The tension was building and I had to take a time out… I needed some ‘ME’ time.

As I was running to Blitz Calgary, I was still going through my to do list for the next day in my mind. I was also concerned that our clients, account executives, and my program director need to be satisfied and that the events and promos that had to run while I’m away. The tension kept on building. I definitely needed some ‘Me’ time.

I started working out with Leigh and my brain started to focus on something else rather than work. Time went by and I just stayed focused on the workout and on form. I started to focus on my breathing, on having a straight back and strengthening my core. While I was lifting dumbbells I simplyfocused on inhaling and exhaling. Making the right movements, keeping a straight core and maintaining my balance. As I started doing my last set of repetitions I realized that I had gone up to 25 lbs dumbbells in under 2 weeks that I started doing weight training! And… That I wasn’t stressing about work anymore. I had found my ‘ME’ time. A time to relax, disconnect from the everyday life and focus on me and my goals.

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