Carlos’ 90 Day Challenge Week 4: What’s Happening to Me???

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks since I started my first Blitz 90 Day Challenge. It’s only been 30 days but the changes that I’m starting to see are there! My pants are starting to fit better, I don’t feel as out of breath when I go up a flight of stairs, and for some reason I feel energized after a workout!

Carlos Cuevas One Legged DeadliftI started walking to the gym rather than driving. At work, I’ve stopped using the elevators and started taking the stairs. I now choose to walk to a further coffee place for my morning coffee… What is happening to me?!?!

These changes come with working out. We all hear how working out gives you an extra burst of energy to always do a little more. But we always have a hard time getting that initial burst of energy to actually get us to the gym. I get it, I used to be like that. Now, I actually look forward to going to the gym, to workout and get my sweat on! I have only taken a few steps but they feel like leaps and bounds compared to where I was.  I feel happy again with who I am, how my clothes feel, and how I see my self in the mirror.

Carlos Cuevas Push UpsIt’s going to be harder in two weeks since I’m going to Mexico to see my family and I’m going to be away for almost 3 weeks.  I have to rely on me and on what I’ve learned thus far from Leigh. She’s been more than patient with me, explaining the exercises and making sure that I’m doing them the right way so I don’t hurt myself and I understand what muscles I’m working. I still have 2 more weeks before I take off on the most amazing road trip from Calgary to Mexicali so there is plenty of time to learn more exercises!  The focus this week is to workout harder than and stronger that I did last week.

PS – I’m not pushing myself up in the pictures… I’m pushing the floor down. 🙂

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