Fall Canoeing and Kayaking in Edmonton (and ways of renting them)


It’s my favorite time of year! There is something about the fall colors, crunchy leaves, and that wonderful smell that makes hanging out in the outdoors so appealing. Although the scenery is awesome, we do begin to limit our activities; especially water sports. Instead of spending the last few weeks of warmth landlocked head out on a kayak or a canoe. These paddle powered crafts are great ways of exploring the changing landscape and there are plenty of ways of borrowing one without sinking your financial ship! Canoeing and Kayaking is a great social sport and full body workout; they also allow you to vary the intensity depending on how fast you want to get down the river . These sports are also great because they tend to focus more on your posterior kinetic chain (all your pull muscles) that are less active in our North American society since we sit so much.

Routes and Weather:

  • First and foremost peruse on the Paddle Alberta website (http://www.paddlealberta.org/) it has a wealth of information safety, routes, and some events that may interest all skill levels.  There are quite a few resources too so this site is certainly not the be all end all of sites. Do some research!
  • Remember to keep an eye on the weather conditions since they do change daily.

What to pack:

  • Pack warm clothes and dress in layers.
  • A change of Footwear.
  • Waterproof container (garbage bag is good too).
  • Water.
  • Store all your electronics in waterproof containers or Ziplock bags.
  • Food (depending on how long you are out).

Places to Rent Canoes and Kayaks:

The prices vary depending on what you need for your trip; they can start from $30 for a boat for the day to $100 per boat for a trip from Devon to Edmonton with transportation included.

Here are a few great resources to look at for rentals:

For rentals including drop off at boat launch and pick up at destination:

For Canoe and Kayak rentals (you need to transport them yourself):

Have any more suggestions about cool things to do in the fall? send me a Tweet @ChrisTse_ and I may feature your idea and your business on a CBC AM Edmonton column!

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