Can I lose weight just around my butt?

It’s amazing how many times we get questions about spot reduction as personal trainers.  Common requests like: “I want to loose more weight around my butt… BUT no where else!” or “see this thing around here?  these handles?  get rid of them!”  or the ever so common “Bat Wings” reduction request, the list goes on!

We usually recommend the direct approach to bursting the spot reduction bubble; I’ll sit them down, kindly smile and say, “you will loose weight through lifestyle modification, nutrition and exercise, but unfortunately what commonly happens is that the first spot you’d like to lose the weight is the last spot you’ll end up loosing it.”  Spot reduction is a myth, it’s like the winged Pegasus that you learned about in Greek mythology in middle school.  I sometimes feel compelled to rip a fitness magazine out of a person’s hands at the grocery store and give them the finger wave with a strong: “no… NO…”

Bubble Bursted? Sorry but here’s why!

Our genetics have a lot of determination as to where a we retain extra fat.  You may have heard of people referring to body types like “Pear Shaped”, or “Apple Shaped”, and no, they’re not just referring to fruit because they have a fixation for natural carbohydrates.  It’s true that as we gain weight it deposits in different ways around our bodies.  Loosing the weight also happens similarly.  What most people experience is either a generalized weight loss all around the body or else if it’s only a few pounds of weight loss, the weight tends to convert from fat weight to muscle density so they don’t actually loose weight!

Just keep in mind the following: fitness and nutrition are not short term methods to achieve weight loss, fitness and good nutrition are lifestyles!


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  1. Great post, so simple but there are so many misconceptions floating around. What I fund funny is that we all know where the fat tends to build up and take the longest to shed. Lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise are the only way. Oh, and time. Don’t forget time 😉

    • Thanks! Totally Agree Eric, we need to bring it down more simple strategies and lifestyle orientation. There’s so may people looking for the quick fix and, for the most part, weight gain didn’t happen over night, so we should expect similar with weight loss.

  2. virender singh says:

    my body is fit but i have more weight of my buttock. my wrest is 34 inch but my buttock size is 40 inch . can i have loss my buttock weight please give me any solution because i have trouble this problem since 2 years

  3. Hi Virender,

    Like the blog is stating, it does take time and a lot of lifestyle modifications in order to loose the weight. We need to ask ourselves how our current nutrition is, how much are we exercising and what our current lifestyle is (are we seated for prolonged periods of time?, relatively inactive?)

    These three and a lot more factors come into play with regards to weight loss. Also remember fitness is a lifestyle and not just numbers, concentrate on things like how far you’ve progressed and how much healthier you are now compared to before!

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