Campfire comparison

With the first long weekend of the summer behind us, we’ve been thinking a lot about camping.

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While we love campfire food as much as the next person, as Dietitians, we can’t help but flinch at some of the nutrition labels. To make our next camping trip a bit healthier, we scoured the shelves for some better-for-you, but still tasty alternatives to a classic campfire meal.


These simple swaps keep your meal the same, but results in:

  • 47% less sodium– helps with lowering blood pressure, and risk for heart disease and strokes
  • 35% more protein – helps with meal satisfaction and reduced cravings
  • 37% less saturated fat – helps reduce the risk for heart disease and strokes

* when comparing the whole grain bun to the white, the whole grain contained no more fibre, and had over 40% more sodium per serving, making the white bun the better choice. (Health Canada recommends 50% of your grains be whole grain)

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  1. eissyrc says:

    A little surprised at the 1 tbsp of ketchup / mustard in both column. That’s a lot ! I don’t even put that much on !

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