Callie D’s 90-day Challenge

I tried and tried as hard as could, banging it on the counter, using rubber gloves, but no matter what I could not open the jar of jam.

At that moment, I felt pretty pathetic! It was also at that moment that I finally conceded to taking on a 90-day challenge, training with Chris from Blitz and receiving nutrition coaching from Kelsey at Revive Wellness.

While I had already thought about it numerous times in the last year, such as the time I went shopping and at 5 different women’s clothing stores, their smallest sized pants were too big in the thighs and butt (hello pancake butt!), or the time I went on a hike and had to stop way before my destination as I struggled to catch my breath; I was scared to put myself out there (here.)

These moments reveal exactly why I want to do this challenge.

  1. To gain physical strength
  2. To offset my sedentary workday
  3. To be fit, not skinny
  4. To gain confidence

A little background:

I’ve always had a small frame, but had more muscle and weight when I was in dance and staying active. In my early twenties I went through a really stressful period that left me 10 pounds lighter. (My normally ample appetite goes away in times of stress.)

With a high metabolism, it was incredibly hard to gain even 5 pounds back, but with the help of a Dietitian, I managed. I continue to eat regular balanced meals with 2 or 3 snacks in between to keep my weight up.

Now with a fairly sedentary job, and busy life, I’ve let fitness slip. As both Blitz and Revive Wellness have explained countless times, both components are vital for a healthy, fit body. You can see from my Body Composition scan below, that this is true.

Callie's BIA

While my nutrition is in good order, the lack of fitness has my lean body mass below normal (ie. wimpy muscles)

I have a lot on my plate, literally and figuratively, so I’m not planning to, nor is it realistic to think I’ll look like a fitness pro. In fact, three of my four goals have nothing to do with visuals. But I am really self-conscious of my body, so posting these photos is incredibly scary!

Callie March 27

March 27, 2013


About that confidence thing: it dawned on me as I inserted these photos with extreme trepidation that I have a whole heap of photos from when I weighed more and hardly have any now. I am also very reluctant to post photos in my social media profiles and on the blogs I write for. This really brings to light how low my body confidence is, and perhaps how fearful of judgment I am.  Goes to show you that no matter what someone’s body type, there can be insecurities!

Callie April 17

April 17, 2013

While I’ve only been training twice a week for three weeks, and you cannot see much difference in the photos above, my body composition has changed. I gained 3 pounds overall, and increased my lean body mass by 2.5 lbs. This gain may seem not worth noting, but according to Chris, on a small frame it is.

I think Chris would also like me to mention that it is important to be lifting as heavy of weights as I can. Women will not get bulky from lifting heavy! But, he will share more about this in upcoming posts. Check back weekly for the next few months to monitor my progress, learn about nutrition and fitness for gaining weight and increasing muscle, as well as personal ups and downs that a challenge such as this brings.

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