Bust a Move 2014!

Bust A Move Edmonton Alberta Cancer Foundation

Hey Blitzers! I know you’ve heard the term ‘BAM’, and probably use it in the kitchen when cooking Emeril Lagasse style… “BAM!!!” but the BaM I am referring to is BUST A MOVE! What’s BUST A MOVE you might ask? ‘Bust a Move’ for Breast Health is a SIX hour fitness extravaganza that will have you move more than your feet to raise valuable funds for the Cross Cancer Institute here in Edmonton.

Here are the five Ws:
Who: You and your favourite friends decked out in tutus, boas and any other costumes you can think of (make sure to include the pink shoelaces you will be getting with your registration package)

What: Exercising for six energizing hours- whether you’re a step class disaster or yoga master we promise you will enjoy something (even if it is the free massage!) *Our amazing Blitz Team of trainers will be facilitating an hour fitness session but we want to get our greater Blitz community involved as well!

When: March 22, 2014 from 8:00am til 3:00pm (we know you’ve got places to be)

Where: Edmonton EXPO Centre, Halls G/H

Why: Look down. Nope not that far. That’s right. Your ladies, tatas, bossoms and bazungas! And for the fellas, let’s support (get it?!) our lady friends and family to make sure they get the best health they deserve!

What is so amazing about the greater Blitz Conditioning family is that we are all inspired and motivated to make our health a daily priority! We work on strengthening our bodies and our minds, and what better way to contribute towards our own personal health/fitness goals than to do so in conjunction with promoting and fostering breast health in our own community. As a Blitz community, we have the opportunity to make our presence known and participate in this incredibly worthwhile event.

That being said, we are looking to build a ‘Blitz’ Team (friends and family welcome to join as well!) to participate in this year’s event!

· If you are interested in participating, fill out the form below:

· Be sure to read over the registration info: http://albertacancer.ca/BAM2014/RegisterNow

· Thinking about fundraising opportunities? Stay tuned for Blitz updates about how our team is coming together and fundraising events!

Like to get involved but not participate? BAM is in need of volunteers to help make this the best year yet. Check out the link for more info on volunteering: http://albertacancer.ca/BAM2014/Volunteer.

In the meantime, Happy Sweating Blitzers!

From Claire

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