Let’s make a difference and Bust A Move!

Blitz Conditioning Bust A Move Team

A special thing happens when a group of people come together for a common cause. A passion spreads amongst the people and erupts into a uncontrollable desire to make a difference. We’ve had the privilege of experiencing this multiple times here at Blitz and we know that it’s produced we focus on a greater cause. As a community we hopped right on stage last weekend to support Bust A Move and kicked off a 6 hours of fitness extravaganza where they ended up raising $400,000 and over $1 Million in the last 3 years! The atmosphere in the room was electric and our team of 21 did not disappoint when it came to delivering a rock solid workout. So to Amy, Brett, Steve, Brent, Britt, Sid, Vicky, Adam, Anika, Claire, Topher, Lindsay, Lindsey, Jenna, Mark, Ann, Jason, Tyler, Tarek, and Rebecca, thank you so much for bringing it to the stage, and keeping the crowd amped up.  There were a few times where I took a look behind me during the workout and was almost brought to tears at how awesome you all are.  Words can never describe moments like these nor should they.

Bust A Move Blitz Conditioning Workout

We wanted to thank you all for the support! We managed to raise $2000 in our Karma HIIT classes for BaM and bring an upswell of awareness for the event and for research in cancer and exercise.  We started off with the vision of community oriented fitness and the growth of the movement has caught on like wildfire. Ultimately community is not one dimensional, it is not a one-to-one interchange, but something that constantly grows and evolves with the people present. The evolution of community leads to impact in both the lives of those within it and those outside of it. Events like Bust A Move are amazing examples of what happens when we come together chose to make a difference in the lives of others.  We all have become intricately involved in saving the lives of fellow Albertans who have been diagnosed with cancer; take a moment today and take that in.

Make a difference by creating intent in your every day actions. You never know the act, however small and simple, that will change the lives of those around you!

Bust a Move 2014 Cheque

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