Brent Kastelic

Health and Fitness is and has been an integral part of my every day life. My determination, strong work ethic and perseverance have provided me with new opportunities to pursue my passion for personal fitness. Weights and gym life have given me an outlet to relieve stress and gain mental clarity.

I developed a deep passion for sports at a very young age. Just like any young Canadian boy growing up, it was my ultimate dream to play in the NHL. I ate, slept, and breathed hockey. At the age of sixteen, I took the opportunity to move to the United States to continue my path in making my childhood dream a reality. When playing at an elite level, I soon realized how fundamental off-season and off ice training was and began acquiring more knowledge; eventually designing my own programs. A combination of nutrition, mental preparation, and hours of training allowed me to become an effective player on the ice. After playing a couple seasons of junior hockey, I decided it was time to discover a profession that allowed me to pursue my passion for health and fitness. Last May, I completed my undergraduate degree with a Bachelors Degree in Science, majoring in Exercise Science and Human Performance and Fitness.

I am so excited to be a part of Team Blitz. As a trainer, I look forward to working with members of all ages and experience. By providing an individualized program that match lifestyle and goals, the positive impact of diet and exercise will be experienced on a daily basis. I design programs that will challenge people to reach their individualized goals and lead to outstanding results that will increase confidence, motivation and positivity.