Brady – My journey to becoming a firefighter!

cook jumping (1)My name is Brady Cook and I’ve achieved my dream career goal of becoming a fire fighter. I can attest that to successfully be accepted as a recruit takes an incredible commitment. You need to want it more than anything – I did and I still do – the hard work is worth it. I love my job. The process is long and stressful; it demands the very best you have to give, day in and day out. Understanding that top physical fitness is paramount and an integral part of the hiring process and a career necessity, I searched for a trainer that would invest in me what I was investing in achieving my goal. I found Blitz Conditioning. I have an extensive background in sports. I played NCAA hockey and I am no stranger to the gym. I have a good idea of what makes a quality training program. In the past I managed my own training, however I needed more to push my boundaries. An excellent trainer can evaluate your fitness and develop the exact training program you need, and will motivate you to succeed. My trainer was Brett Kirkland, co-owner of Blitz, and he is surrounded with a group of individuals who take fitness as seriously as he does. Brett studied what I was up against to make it through the fitness portion of the process; he examined where I was in relation to where I needed to be, and designed an extremely dynamic training program that pushed me past limits I had struggled with in the past. I am forever grateful for his direction as I earned the highest score on the physical test!

Blitz Conditioning is not your typical gym. The trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and they are fun to be around. Blitz is a community where anyone and everyone is welcomed, regardless of their fitness level or goals. I would not have been as successful without Brett and his team at Blitz.

If you need to change your life, or want to know more about how Blitz Conditioning can make a difference in your fitness, drop in or give them a call to find out what they are all about. I stand by my word and I stand behind Blitz Conditioning.


Brett Kirkland About Brett Kirkland

A hockey player myself, I have a passion for training hockey players and athletes so that they can achieve their goals. Read my full bio and follow me on Twitter

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