Bootcamp Reflections: Vicki’s Journey

Hiking in Jasper this winter.

In late October I wrote Amy an email inquiring about the 6:45 am Blitz Booty Bootcamp.  I remember being terrified that I was getting in over my head, and especially above my physical capabilities.  I felt weak and old.

First, I am not a morning person.  What was I thinking?  But now my mornings have changed.  Most mornings I walk my dog before heading to the gym, so I need to be up and out of bed by 5:30.  I pack my breakfast and my lunch before going to bed and my clothes for working out and for work.  It all helps me get out the door with no excuses before 6:30.  And it also means that I need to be in bed at a decent hour.

Vicki (in blue) working out at a morning bootcamp class

After starting bootcamp my body started to hurt in new ways!  Amy has us focus on proper form and gives us several modifications to ensure success for all.  We are challenged to push ourselves and still keep our bodies safe.  After even the first month I was shocked with how much more I could accomplish, how I could expect more from my body.

Bootcamp is everything it promises it will be, and more.  As promised, this is a focused, intensive half-hour class.  We were promised a fun atmosphere for women, and that has delivered.  We cheer each other on, laugh together about exercises we hate, and care about how each other are doing.  It is a community of women that have a common goal of incorporating fitness into their lives.


Staying active on vacation

What I have learned about myself is more than just how to exercise.  I now believe that being strong and fit is more important then the number on the scale.  I now believe that weight loss is not as important as how your clothes fit.  I now believe in myself, and my own physical capabilities.  And I believe that I have tools to keep me healthy for life.


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