Bodybuilding: The Pursuit of Passion and Physique.

To me, the body is a piece of art. It combines form, function and beauty all in a complex system of muscles, organs, bone and all the microscopic things that make us human.  Our bodies contain our souls and a powerful mind that allows us to push ourselves to new limits and create meaning out of life.

I’ve always had a passion for fitness, but my bigger passion was human movement. In my academic career, I studied kinesiology and anatomy to help me understand how body movements work and how the body can become increasingly stronger, faster and more efficient. My interest in the intricate anatomy of the human body lead me to my career as a personal trainer and my involvement with the Blitz Conditioning team to create a community of  healthy lifestyles.  Together, we want to empower a community to develop themselves so that they can affect their circles of influence in a greater way.

I was attracted to bodybuilding from a young age and it stuck with me. I would spend countless hours at the gym exercising my muscles with different techniques and observing the results and muscle developments I would achieve.  At Blitz Conditioning, we’ve coined the phrase “My body is a science experiment”; I apply it to the processes I went through in my late teens/early twenties. About 10 years ago, I began contemplating the idea of entering into bodybuilding competitions, but kept making excuses for myself: injuries, time commitments, relationships, etc.  I suppose that mentally, I just didn’t want it badly enough, and I allowed every excuse to delay the desire.

Two and a half years ago when we started Blitz Conditioning, I’ve revisited the idea of competing and I’ve been waiting for just the right time to get started. Bodybuilding competitions require a lot of time, focus and sacrifice. I’ve finally decided that I’m ready and will be begin a year long preparation phase to compete in November of 2013. I believe in clean and natural participation when it comes to sports and bodybuilding, so I will be joining the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Canada (whose primary tenet is clean and fair competition.)

My current training regime won’t change drastically, but I wanted to set a personal goal for myself to work towards. I’ll be posting monthly updates on this website, but most of my bodybuilding related posts will be frequently posted on my personal site – because we want to encourage all of you to take on a full and healthy lifestyle and not necessarily just focus on muscular development on our main website.

Very importantly, I want to thank Brett and Paul for their support both in this decision and in life.  These two guys contribute immensely to who I am today and they have been here to support me through some really tough times; I can’t thank them enough for it.
I also want to thank the entire Blitz team – an entire group of amazing people, who are devoted to supporting each other and really creating a community around our passion. My success in this new fitness journey will be a combined effort of mine and the great people in this community.

Blitz Conditioning is what it is because of the supportive people within it. I want to thank everyone who comes in, who visits our site, reads our blogs and chats with us in person and online. You may not realize it, but we value each and every one of you. Your support doesn’t go unappreciated and hopefully the continuous insights of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices we offer can act as our way of saying “thank you”. You empower us at Blitz Conditioning to continue doing what we do, and we hope that that we can continue to influence and inspire you to get fit and encourage others to join you!

This year at Blitz, we’re focusing on getting our team to reach some personal fitness goals. Triathlons, marathons, competitions, and all sorts of fitness obstacles and challenges – we’re on it! We’re excited to challenge ourselves and share our stories with you. I encourage you to join us! Think about your own fitness goals and get started – we’ll keep each other accountable by posting them in the comment section below.
Like always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns – leave me a note or drop me a line! I’m excited and look forward to joining you on your fitness journey!

About Chris Tse

I’m a scientist turned owner of Blitz Conditioning, a Fitness Columnist at CBC Radio on Thursdays at 8:20 am, and owner of Tse Social Strategy. Follow me on Twitter or Read my full bio.


  1. Great post Chris!
    We’re all really excited for you and can’t wait to tell you to keep pushing just like you have with me and so many of your clients. Ha ha! I know of a few clients that will definitely be keeping you accountable to your goals as you move forward!

  2. Totally support your goals! I compete and live the lifestyle and it truly requires a lot of dedication & focus!! Good luck and I look forward to watching your progress all the way to stage day:)

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