Contest for Free Personal Training!!!!

We have been supporting the amazing NAIT Personal Training program for the past 5 years and we are happy to do it again! We have four students who are finishing their last semester and they need 70 hours to complete their practicum. So we are opening it up to you and offering FREE personal training for up to 15 people. All you have to do is commit between 10 - 15 hours over the next three months for personal training. Please fill out the form below if you want a chance to train with our … [Read more...]

Under Armour Nobreaks ColdGear Infrared Men’s Reflective Jacket Review

I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to men’s winter running jackets and shells as I don’t fit the stereotypical runner’s body. I’m not a 5’7” tall guy with a slender physique, quite the opposite, I’m a 5’2” muscular guy who fills a tight fitted jacket looking like a water balloon. I was pleasantly surprised when I recieved the Under Armour Nobreaks ColdGear® Infrared Men's Reflective Jacket from Sport Chek! How I wore it: 1) Outer Shell: - I could wear the jacket as in … [Read more...]

Four Exercises You Can Do With A Foam Roller

You'd think the only thing you can do with a foam roller is roll but we have a few exercises that you can do with a roller that are adaptations from conventional ones. Check these out: Pikes Main muscles used: Abdominal Start in a plank position with the foam roller under you shins. Keep you back & hips in line (flat) & abdominal engaged. Keep your wrists & elbows stacked underneath your shoulder . Draw knees towards your chest. Keep abdominal … [Read more...]

Setting SMART goals for 2017

Hi friends, I hope your 2017 is off to a great start! I wanted to write a blog about setting goals and working towards them through out the new year. Now, I realize most people have already set goals and that's totally cool. I am here to offer some advice for anyone that may feel stuck in reaching their goals. My advice isn't revolutionary, and you may have heard all this before, but here we go! Have you ever heard of making a SMART goal? A SMART goal stands for Specific, Measurable, … [Read more...]

30 Day Challenge but with a Twist: You could win $300!

We've revamped our 30 day challenge and made it bigger and better! Instead of an initial weigh in or tape measurements we decided to focus on an even more important factor: improvement in overall fitness. Here's how we're going to do it: On February 4th, we will be having a timed circuit of six exercises: Station 1: Weighted squat jumps (holding weight at chest) Station 2: Thrusters (90 degrees or more for range) Station 3: Burpees (Chest to ground) Station 4: V-sit press, heels on … [Read more...]

Benefits of a Fit Pregnancy

A year ago I was pregnant with my first child. During those 9 months, I can attest first hand to the many benefits of exercising while pregnant. Thanks to exercise: I had very little physical discomforts such as back pain I stayed within the healthy weight gain guidelines I had a speedy postpartum recovery I was happy! Pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster, exercise reduced any anxiety or depression, and increased my confidence and self-esteem! But I also want to mention 3 … [Read more...]

Boyscout Wisdom: Be Prepared

At this point in December, you should be aware of your festivity obligations for the rest of the month and possibly into January. If you are not aware, now would be the time to figure out when and where you are expected to be since this can play a huge role in your emotional or physical health. I know, planning isn’t sexy or exciting but some form of planning is the key to success in many areas of life and it is a strategy I often recommend. We will discuss planning events for less stress & … [Read more...]

Holiday HIIT workout

The holiday season is notorious for being overly busy and packed with various obligations. I put together a quick HIIT workout that you can do at home that can be done in about 15-20 minutes. So make time for yourself during this busy season and try out this workout! Check out this video with all of the exercises:   Equipment: One flat resistance band One circle resistance band (if you only have a flat band you can tie it into a circle) Go through all the exercises … [Read more...]